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Katt and Katya (@cosmictwinsart) Instagram Profile Photocosmictwinsart

Katt and Katya

 Instagram Image by Katt and Katya (@cosmictwinsart) with caption : "🤔What Do You Think of Yourself. Who do you think you are, who do other people think you are?  Not saying that you should" at Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve - 2025694942105740344

🤔What Do You Think of Yourself. Who do you think you are, who do other people think you are? Not saying that you should care what other people think of you, but it can be interesting to get feedback on how you are perceived. I got labeled as a “hippie chick” again this week, and while I do have some more alternative lifestyle preferences, this is not a moniker with which I identify.🙅🙄⁣ .⁣ So it got me thinking, what do I think of myself?❓ In the middle of a low key quart life crisis, I would describe myself with a lot of negative words that are not necessarily true. Receiving validation from others is not something that makes these feeling lessen. It is my own criticism that I need to impress. At least I know I am making progress for myself. 😼This still didn’t answer the question. What do I think of myself?⁣ .⁣ I’m just “conscious” enough to look like a hippie, but I’m also still cynical enough to be an otherwise selfish person. I am a creative person, but I do not call myself an artist. I think highly of myself, but also know that I have endless room for improvement. I think that I am exactly a product of my time here on Earth and this place in American culture. I am a nature enthusiasm, movement and clean food proponent, an endless jumble of creative and business minded thoughts that culminate into this beautiful life.🌲🔥🌻☀️⁣ .⁣ Hustling wild kitty? Does that sound more accurate? Hippie chick, posh.🦁⁣ .⁣ -Katt⁣ .⁣ 🥀Please feel free to educate us on the impact on the poppy fields. We are aware of the respectful practices required to responsibly enjoy these fields, but welcome your input for discussion.🌹⁣ .⁣ #who

Midnight Antecedant (@midnight_antecedant) Instagram Profile Photomidnight_antecedant

Midnight Antecedant

 image by Midnight Antecedant (@midnight_antecedant) with caption : "Spiritus igne tenebris

I am unbound, why aren’t you? 
#art #words #poetry #poem #poet #writersofinstagram #poetsofinsta" - 2025694250742048816

Spiritus igne tenebris I am unbound, why aren’t you? #who

YULIYA AUBAKIROVA (@instalife7) Instagram Profile Photoinstalife7


 Instagram Image by YULIYA AUBAKIROVA (@instalife7) with caption : "When if not NOW?!🖤" at Pavlodar - 2025693729726005960
Pavlodar ReportShareDownload13

When if not NOW?!🖤

Christine Honeyman (@bdazzeledbrowsllc) Instagram Profile Photobdazzeledbrowsllc

Christine Honeyman

 image by Christine Honeyman (@bdazzeledbrowsllc) with caption : "#bdazzled #permanentmakeup #permanentlips #permanenteyeliner #microblading #powderbrows #Who is ready to wake up to make" - 2025693287295021886

#Who is ready to wake up to makeup??Free consultations! 937-684-059

Toby Freeman (@tobyfreeman1996) Instagram Profile Phototobyfreeman1996

Toby Freeman

Another perk of the Isle of Wight life; post work kayaking through Cowes harbour. ? #who

 @alaaism shared Image on Instagram - 2025691433662460377