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Nikki Delventhal (@basicabroad) Instagram Profile Photobasicabroad

Nikki Delventhal

Falling for Yosemite ️ 1667127971988944548

Falling for Yosemite ️

Never gets old. Let’s hope the last line on the plaque remains true. #historygeek#philly#independencehall#usnationalparks#independencenhp

Kaci 'Wander Woman' Stringer (@wanderrwomann) Instagram Profile Photowanderrwomann

Kaci 'Wander Woman' Stringer

Have you ever walked among land so spiritual it ga 1666832845208703418

Have you ever walked among land so spiritual it gave you goosebumps? The moment I stepped out of my car and onto the trail head at Devil's Tower I knew I wasn't alone. A crisp, cool breeze surrounded me and I felt a vibe like no other. It wasn't negative energy by any means, just a strong, enticing sense. A spiritually significant place this is to many Native American Tribes, in fact over 20 Northern Plains Indian Tribes consider Devil's Tower sacred. With each one having their own oral history about the creation. The sense I received from this land attracted me to explore more, learn more and define my place in the cultural and natural world.