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Laura Murray (@murraylaura) Instagram Profile Photomurraylaura

Laura Murray


BUILDING STRENGTH at @360athletic 💪🏻 wearing @underarmouruk #UARUSH - trying to find that extra 1%. First time I did this exercise, I felt like a teddy bear 🐻 Anyone remember teddy bear rolls from school? If not, ignore this... but that’s why I’m laughing because @annarachphotography was laughing at me saying this! Working the upper body as well as the core, while giving the legs a rest. @underarmouruk

Under Armour Women (@underarmourwomen) Instagram Profile Photounderarmourwomen

Under Armour Women

 image by Under Armour Women (@underarmourwomen) with caption : "@nobread sporting our latest and greatest #UARUSH, infused with minerals that reflect energy back into your body to help" - 2048846942563046177

@nobread sporting our latest and greatest #UARUSH, infused with minerals that reflect energy back into your body to help increase blood flow and improve endurance. Tap to shop her look.

Under Armour UK (@underarmouruk) Instagram Profile Photounderarmouruk

Under Armour UK

We are making @anthony_joshua better via innovation. The World Heavyweight Champion 🥊 is preparing to defend his 👑 in our #UARUSH technology. Shop our game changing performance apparel by hitting the link in bio.

Ruben 🇮🇹⛵️🇨🇦 (@rubenrapetti) Instagram Profile Photorubenrapetti

Ruben 🇮🇹⛵️🇨🇦

Old Toronto ReportShareDownload9345

Handstand Walks and push-up. Try 💪🏻🤟🏻 wearing my new favorite, @underarmourca RUSH. #UaRush

蔡貴蘭 (@nicoletsai0113) Instagram Profile Photonicoletsai0113



今天很高興UA團隊來高醫 給大家帶來非常充實的體能訓練課程 然後我個白癡,明天要比賽,我都老了 我不知道為何要跟著代表隊孩子們在那邊做 因為明天要比賽,做完體能又立馬回球場訓練 然後現在全身痠痛,每個地方都說他要抽筋了 我家運醫學生們又說,老師妳去買可口可樂來喝 他們說運動完要喝可樂,說是真的,沒有騙我 雖然我覺得他們在騙我,但我也還是喝了 喝完後,一直打咳,然後很爽 但是,如果我明天輸球了 我禮拜四上課一定一個一個抓來揍 被球隊學生騙我,那也就算了 如果連上課的學生都來欺騙我 我就⋯我就⋯把他們抓來揍 #UARUSH

Coach ET (@missetchen) Instagram Profile Photomissetchen

Coach ET

 image by Coach ET (@missetchen) with caption : "姐練過不要學,大家的臉都比我更需要寶貝。
@asd40228790611 @tracy0904 @rachelwang1993 @yuyu_florilegium @suwen0718 @f00101 @hihieating @yc_lei" - 2048790208268118209

姐練過不要學,大家的臉都比我更需要寶貝。 UA Training訓練課程突破我1%的臨界點!我想搭載UA RUSH全新礦物纖維布料和大家一起突破極限! 跟著我突破我1%的臨界點,拿大獎! 快上Refine FB粉絲團看看怎麼玩,不然直接問我啦! #UARUSH

Sweat💦 + Eco☘ Life (@hellodi_melody) Instagram Profile Photohellodi_melody

Sweat💦 + Eco☘ Life

Under Armour Netherlands (@underarmournl) Instagram Profile Photounderarmournl

Under Armour Netherlands


We are making @anthony_joshua better through real innovation. The heavyweight champion of the world prepares to defend his title in our #UARUSH technology. Visit the UA Amsterdam flagship store and gear up like a true champion 🥊