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Eric Cahill (@epcahill84) Instagram Profile Photoepcahill84

Eric Cahill



I saw a dream last nightBright like a falling sta 1666261092610152294

I saw a dream last nightBright like a falling star.And the sources of light,Seemed so near,Yet so far.I thought i was in flight,Out where the planets are.Moving between day and night.Hear am I,There you are.Follow the dancing girl,Vision and embrace.Such an entrancing girl,She moves with such rhythm and grace.Who can she be?Follow the dancing girl,Go to the quiet place.Here in the weary world,Somewhere between time and space.We shall be free.Each of us is born alone.Well welcome to the twilight zone.You can leave with only what you bring.Things we cannot see appear.Singing songs we cannot hear.An everything is surely everything.Meanwhile in the ghettos dust and gloom.Bird is blowin in his room.All those notesAll those notesAll those notesWont take the pain away.And you'll surely come to harm,With that needle all up in your arm.And dope will never turn the night to day.Just a little further down the line.Baby sister its these streets at night.I say the wind blows chilly,And the women need new shoes.So just tell her,Tell her what you wanna do.Boogie, bop or boogalo?I said tell her what you wanna doBoogie, bop or boogaloo?I said tell her, tell herWhat you wanna do.Boogie,bop or boogaloo... #terrycallierdancing girl ️

бутик виниловых пластинок (@mickeymomusic.insta) Instagram Profile Photomickeymomusic.insta

бутик виниловых пластинок

Terry Callier - What Color Is Love (1972).Трудно 1666139998581322536

Terry Callier - What Color Is Love (1972).Трудно понять людей. Все какие-то странные. После нового года продаём наш пиздатый винил за полцены, забирайте. Впрочем, эта музыка и даром не нужна никому, как показывает практика. Мы устали. Нам надоело. Душу, блядь, вкладываешь, инстаграм красивый, взгляду приятный, витрину вконтакте сделали максимально удобной, никакого толку. Заебало. Простите..#mickeymomusic#магазинвиниловыхпластинок#vinyl#vinylstore#vinylrecords#records#vinyljunkie#винил#виниловыепластинки#пластинки#винилказань#казань#вказани#kazan#vinylyourself#terrycallier#whatcolorislove

Lazarus Man 🤩#terrycallier 1666042482179360971

Lazarus Man 🤩#terrycallier

terry callier - ‘what color is love’ 1972 #cadetre 1665695414193720574

terry callier - ‘what color is love’ 1972 #cadetrecords


Terry Callier - What color is love. Pendant que tout le monde s’extasiait devant Marvin Gaye et autre Curtis Mayfield (dont il est ami d’enfance) dans la soul consciente, Terry Callier parlait d’amour dans ses chansons d’inspiration folk, pas du tout à la mode de l’époque, et il sombra dans l’oubli... Quelle erreur! Cet album est un pur chef d’oeuvre de sensibilité et d’amour. Magique! #chicago#illinois#terrycallier#dancing#dancinggirl#masterpiece#amour#love#folk#frissons#vinyl#vinylcollection#jenchialedebonheur#biutiful

Duro Olowu (@duroolowu) Instagram Profile Photoduroolowu

Duro Olowu

Cold weather music. Terry Callier “What Colour is1665331095012165740

Cold weather music. Terry Callier “What Colour is Love”, 1973. #terrycallier#whatcolourislove#music#folksoul