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Here's a little visual representation of the set I 1667195001597455712

Here's a little visual representation of the set I was working on today called "EMIT". I really enjoyed working on this project with a bunch of new and old faces alike. I always like helping people out who don't have the equipment for their production, so if you ever need sound, writing, or even photography help let me know!Look forward to my uploads of the rest of the day, because it was quite eventful! :) Sorry for the low quality image, it was taken off my iPhone! I have to say, I love my equipment: Sennheiser 416, Tascam DR60D MK ii, and an Auray Boom Pole. I didn't get to use my Zoom F8, because I let my friend borrow it, but it goes without saying I love it too.

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Caring Nature Wellness

@caringnaturewellness #opheliawang⠀⠀December is1667194199143002675

@caringnaturewellness#opheliawang ⠀⠀December is the month to #reflectand #harvest . I'm especially feeling reflective because I'm turning 40 in a few weeks. I can't help but remembering, what has led me to this path? What's your unique story?⠀⠀I started experiencing prevalent neck and shoulder pain 7 years ago (and till now), from cumulative work stress in academia. At that time I also experienced #depression , #anxietyand passive suicidal thoughts. Physical #therapy , #acupuncture , medication and #counselinghelped momentarily, but the symptoms have relapsed every once in a while.⠀⠀Then along with a marriage going downward spiral and more physical pain arising (the left side of body went numb), three years ago I took a "self #retreat " to try #holistic#healing . That week of first-time trying #reiki , #soundhealing, #breathand body works and past life #regressionmade me realize the root causes of many problems could follow from years or past lives to date.⠀⠀I also learned how my parents, childhood, youth, abusive relationship, etc. are all related and influential on the #energybody. Slowly I began to meditate (from not being to focus at all), developed more #intuitivesenses, felt inspired to help others heal and wanted to become a contributor to the #yogacommunity, besides just being a receiver.⠀⠀As the recent work challenge is bringing so much physical and mental pain again, I've chosen to share this note of personal path to remind myself and others, where we came from and where we aspire to go. Let the inner #innocenceand #puritypertain. May the warmth of healing and #pampering#lovespread.

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I don’t know about you; but every time I see a vin 1667193990971142008

I don’t know about you; but every time I see a vintage drum my heart stop for a moment... #vintage#vintagedrums#music#sound#indie#producer#acoustic#art#jazz#drums#drummer