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The 'Best Theme of 2017' award goes to The Usos!1667398172123009442

The 'Best Theme of 2017' award goes to The Usos!Honourable mentions:Baron CorbinAleister BlackLanaDrew McIntyreJust for clarification, Theme of the Year are for themes that only debut this year- So as much as I love Nakamura, Roode, Owens etc their themes cant make it to this list#theusos#25daysofbliss#royalrumble#wwf#smackdownlive#wwe#nxt#mondaynightraw#smackdownlive#raw#smackdown#pwg#roh#wrestling

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نظر سنجی بزرگ مستر رسلینگاز نظر شما برنده ی مساب 1667367581060441166

نظر سنجی بزرگ مستر رسلینگاز نظر شما برنده ی مسابقه رویال رامبل ۲۰۱۸ چه کسی می باشد؟ای جی استایلزساموآ جوجیندر ماهالبرآن استرومنفین بلرروسفشینسکه ناکامورایکی از اعضای گروه شیلدکوین اونزبرن کوربیننکاتی در مورد این نظر سنجی :▪نظر سنجی در کانال تلگرام هم قرار گرفته است.▪اگر کشتی گیر مورد نظر شما در این لیست نبود فقط اسم آن کشتی گیر را کامنت کنید.▪اگر گزینه ی یکی از اعضای شیلد را انتخاب کردید حتما نام عضو مورد نظر (رومن رینز - ست رولینز - دین امبروز) را کامنت کنید.▪نتیجه ی نظر سنجی تا هفته ی بعد در کانال تلگرام و صفحه ی اینستاگرام قرار خواهد گرفت!#نظر_سنجی_مستر_رسلینگTags : #wwe#royalrumble#royalrumble2018#wweroyalrumble#ajstyles#samoajoe#jindermahal#braunstrowman#finnbalor#rusev#shinukenakamura#kevinowens#baroncorbin#theshield#romanreigns#sethrollins#deanambrose

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Holland Oats

The heels of both figures are on the same line but 1667352080219955777

The heels of both figures are on the same line but it doesn look like it on the picture bit there bot at the same starting point. The legs look Dorfed and you can see the shoulders of the #nxttakeoverfig (right) is lower. The arms are shorter too. It looks like they scaled it down by like 5% but the proportions just seem weird now espwcially bwcause the heads are the same size. The quality in their figs have been declining in the past couple years and I'm done! Just bought this because it was an #asukafigure and I wanted to do a side by side with the previous Asuka elite fig because it's a noticable difference and it's happening to more figs now and they're probably gradually making them smaller probably saving them money in production cost while charging the same price. ... I'm going to sell off the bulk of my collection. Maybe will pick up a few here and there but all of these now are just made with a bunch of mixed parts woth only the heads being unique to the figure with a few execptions. @mattel#jumpedthesharkwith this series. I think that was their plan. They introduced this side series where all of the figs in it were noticeably smaller than the main line then when the next series of main line figs comes out, they'll be the same as the #nxtline. You figure they make these smaller by 5%, it saves them 5% in production but they still sell them for the same price. This will probably gain them a few million in extra profits... all in line with #wwe 's "most profitable year"... where they've reduced production cost on their show and raised priced on their merch... profitable indeed....That reminds me. Time to cancel my #wwenetworksubscription before #triplehwins the #royalrumbleagain and challenges #shanemcmahonat Mania for the world championship (he'll be champion by then).