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Sin Eaters Guild 🇬🇧 (@sineatersguild) Instagram Profile Photosineatersguild

Sin Eaters Guild 🇬🇧


Thanks to @cort7662 for this one of our patches -1668410550197030861

Thanks to @cort7662for this one of our patches - Back in stock soon 🤙#sineatersguild#hangedman#youareyouractions

Phil Lucas (@phillucas) Instagram Profile Photophillucas

Phil Lucas


Megan - Military Historian (@naval_related_history_) Instagram Profile Photonaval_related_history_

Megan - Military Historian

"The 🇨🇱 Chilean battleship Almirante Latorre" - (P 1668365327488143402
Panama CanalReportShareDownload2129

"The 🇨🇱 Chilean battleship Almirante Latorre" - (Part 5 = The ship gains the role as Flagship of the Chilean navy) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo caption - The Chilean battleship Almirante Latorre in the Panama Canal. -------------------------------------------- In her capacity as flagship of the Chilean Navy, Almirante Latorre was frequently utilized by the president for various functions. In the aftermath of the magnitude 8.5 1922 Vallenar earthquake, Almirante Latorre was used to transport Alessandri to the affected area. The ship also brought "tents, medical supplies, rations, clothing and 2,000,000 pesos" for those affected. By 1923, Chile only had Almirante Latorre, a cruiser, and five destroyers in commission, leading The New York Times to remark "experts would probably place Chile third in potential sea power [after Brazil and Argentina]". While Almirante Latorre was individually more powerful than the Brazilian or Argentine dreadnoughts, they had two each to Chile's one. -------------------------------------------- Compounding this was a lack of modern cruisers to accompany the lone dreadnought. In 1924, Almirante Latorre hosted the president again when he visited Talcahuano for the grand opening of a new naval drydock there. After the fall of the January Junta in 1925, the dreadnought hosted the returning President Alessandri during a Naval Review in Valparaíso; while on board, he gave a speech to senior naval officials to assure them that his new government "was for all Chileans, and not partisan in its inspiration". In September, the last month of his term, Alessandri received the United Kingdom's Edward, Prince of Wales, on board the battleship. The visit briefly quelled domestic unrest, and it marked the beginning of negotiations for a British naval mission, which arrived in the following year. #🇨🇱BattleshipAlmiranteLatorre

Michael Vivian (@michael_viv) Instagram Profile Photomichael_viv

Michael Vivian

Thank you gentleman spoofers for a lovely game of1668358380252777048

Thank you gentleman spoofers for a lovely game of OCU! Few shortfalls to catch up on but Final Handling Test passed roll on the 24th of Jan for some Wings! #flynavy#fleetairarm#royalnavy#flyingtraining#zigzag#military#pilot#helicopter#leonardohelicopters#aw159#wildcat#decklanding#sea#ocu#avgeek#avnerd#aviation#sunset#rotary#aircrew#pilotlife#navalaviator#militaryhelicopter#lvjackpilot

Sin Eaters Guild 🇬🇧 (@sineatersguild) Instagram Profile Photosineatersguild

Sin Eaters Guild 🇬🇧

Nice to see our Hanged Man patch alongside a @roya 1668351981682655107

Nice to see our Hanged Man patch alongside a @royalmarinesjiujitsushirt from @justthatdavebloke- Cheers mate 🤙#sineatersguild#hangedman#youareyouractions

1660 CLUB⚓️ (@1660club) Instagram Profile Photo1660club

1660 CLUB⚓️