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Ever thought about giving up?Don’t!I committed 1668453305633158800

Ever thought about giving up?Don’t!I committed a crime, faced going to prison, lost everything and was one second away from taking my own life but I put the gun down, took responsibility for my actions and used my mistakes to make a difference, including setting a new @guinnessworldrecordstitle for 12 incredible causes on @givingtuesdayRemember my story and know that you CAN make a comeback, suicide is NEVER the answer and that I am living proof!Visit my website and click "BIO" for full story and video (link in profile) ••• #hope#nevergiveup#stopsuicide#suicideawareness#suicideprevention#ptsd#supportourtroops#trauma#love#yourlifematters#youmatter#youareloved#suicide#vets#dontquit#scotthelmer#comeback#comebackstory#kids#parents#guinnessworldrecords#nevergiveuopgwr#charity#nonprofit

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Please read and share. You never know, this could1668452843562338983

Please read and share. You never know, this could save someones life.FBF presents: "The Storm Within"There's a Japenese proverb that states we show 3 faces: the face you show the world, the face you show family and friends, and the face you never show anyone. We live in a time where #suicideis more prevalent than ever. Whether it's due to #ptsd , #mentalillness , #depression , #alcoholism , #drugaddition , #bullying , #homosexualityor #transgenderidentity, suicide is taking our loved ones away.Imagine a young soldier who's career is at a standstill, his daughter took her last breathe and died in his arms 18 months ago, his mother in law a few years before that, his stepdaughter is out of control, his marriage is over, he's taken heavy to drinking (nearly 4-6 beers a night, everyday), he leaves home and is homeless and ends up crashing on a buddies spare twin bed, he goes to work everyday with a smile masking all his pain. One day after heavy drinking he's reached his checkout point. He goes to his buddies room, grabs his gun, loads it, cocks the pistol, sits on the couch and pulls the trigger, the gun fails to fire, he repeats, same thing, he squeezes the trigger for the 3rd time...nothing, he's sits the gun down and cries. He ends up in the mental ward weeks later once a friend finds out (he told her...cry for help). Now imagine, that Soldier is the same person who is the subject of this painting.Now imagine,he's also the person typing this story and painted this picture 12 years later............ What's your feelings now of the painting, the story, the person (artist)? I tried to give up but God had other plans.This painting was created to let my testimony be used to help promote suicide awareness, intervention and prevention. Know the signs, step in, and provide assistance.They're never alone, there's help:The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255)https://suicidepreventionlifeline.orgMy story was just one scenario, many others weren't so fortunate and were able to see this tragedy all the way through. Let's help our loved ones receive the help they need so they can see another day....#throughhisgrace , #acrylicassassin ,