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Finished Red dead redemption 2 and what an awesome video game, the second perfect video game for me after the witcher 3 10/10 🔥 . . . . . . . . . . . My partners ❤️ @immortalissol@virtual_vp@daul_malik@yosif_gaming@fromriviageralt03@gwynbleidd.whitewolf@futuristicvalhalla@dp_dwarf@rosapexa #ps4share

Anju Nagata (@anxoxoju71) Instagram Profile Photoanxoxoju71

Anju Nagata


次はトイ・ストーリーに来たーーー!!!!ウッディとバズかっこいいしレックスとリトル・グリーンメン可愛すぎるしハムの「ヨゾラ」に笑ったwwwwww #ps4share

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 image by joseph2411 (@joseph2411) with caption : ""Come on, little puppy. I'll take you out for a walk, c'mon! Let's go!" #DevilMayCry5 #DMC5 #DevilMayCryV #DMCV #DevilMa" - 2006761476766064114
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Marvin Ancheta


Now playing Road to will plat all kh avail on ps4 before playing kingdom hearts 3. This will take a while 😅 so far done with kh1, kh:358/2 days, kh:chain if memories share