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Jillian Dean (@deanjillian) Instagram Profile Photodeanjillian

Jillian Dean

It's science.#protip #cantarguescience 1668570859382789300
Braza Brava Pizza Napoletana (@brazabrava) Instagram Profile Photobrazabrava

Braza Brava Pizza Napoletana

Did you know that any of our delicious pizzas can1668569693198614328

Did you know that any of our delicious pizzas can be "calzonified"?Just ask your server!#protip#comfortfood#getinthecalzonezone

#electronicmusicworldcup #2019 --- who's down?#P 1668564097175480574

#electronicmusicworldcup#2019--- who's down?#protipyou can use rappers and that's why America will destroy rich uncle skeletons like @instaphexand @squarepusherofficial--- they'll never see @vsevvyanthraxflanked by @legosonludesaka @midgetcrooks1901coming in our #whitewalkingshoescuz we #neverbreakourstride

Brandon Kyle Goodman (@bkylegood) Instagram Profile Photobkylegood

Brandon Kyle Goodman

It's about time we stop explaining ourselves and h 1668561684217653398

It's about time we stop explaining ourselves and hit these haters with the 1-2-3 AND?! TAG.A.FRIEND and reclaim your time!...#theteawithb#protip#and#tryme#grown#bodakyellow#apple#wineoclock...

Shirley Margarita Aesthetics (@shirleymargaritato) Instagram Profile Photoshirleymargaritato

Shirley Margarita Aesthetics


#browsonfleekfor this beauty!Filling in your bows - whether by #browtint, #browpencilor #shadow, you complete the look to reveal full brows!Pic 1 - freshly threaded brows filled in with medium brown shadow and and angle brush#tip- use a spooli to blend in the shadowPic 2 - freshly threaded brows, au natural#protip- I trim brow hairs short, which when done properly can and will make the brows look fuller.Bonus, you will actually get quite a few weeks of great brows before they grow in ;) #shirleymargarita#browthreading#bestbrows#masteraesthetician#aesthetics#toronto#foresthill#18yearsinthebusiness

Rachel Cain (@rachelecain) Instagram Profile Photorachelecain

Rachel Cain

Fun facts:▪️you’re going to get lost a lot in lif 1668554911069447166

Fun facts:▪️you’re going to get lost a lot in life and that’s normal▪️you’re going to lose people you’re close to (and it’s going to hurt a lot) but you’ll be okay▪️it’s not your job to prove to people you have worth but it is your job to let go of people who make you feel like you have to▪️don’t take yourself too seriously▪️choose to pursue things that challenge you and fulfill you all at the same time▪️spend time with people who make you feel good▪️you should be scared and nervous to do something - and do it anyway▪️focus your energy where it needs to be, everything else is just noise▪️be thankful for what you have on the way to get the things you want▪️as long as your heart and nervous system can handle it, more coffee is always the answer

Jennifer Wade (@havenyogaseattle) Instagram Profile Photohavenyogaseattle

Jennifer Wade

I'm beginning a weekly post each Tuesday for tips1668553488186912390

I'm beginning a weekly post each Tuesday for tips to help combat negative body image. Reclaiming your body is more than just deciding to change your relationship to your body, it is hard work that we have to engage consistently over a long period of time. I've spent a long time gathering knowledge about how to overcome body demons, and I want to pass my expertise on to you all! If you have any specific questions about body image that you feel stuck on, send me a DM and I'll do my best to respond. Anyway, here is my first tip!Pro Tip #1 : When you are stuck in a negative body image loop, the first best thing you can do for yourself is to get into dialogue with yourself. For example, if you are having the thought that, 'My stomach is so disgusting', give yourself an alternate way of understanding the sensation of your stomach. You might say to yourself in reply, 'I have been conditioned to think that the sensation of my stomach folded in on itself is disgusting. But a stomach is supposed to be rounded and folded. It is perfectly natural.' or 'I really do not enjoy this sensation, but this feeling does not need to define my capacity to love, create, or bring my brilliance into the world.' or 'I hate this experience, but I know it will eventually pass.' And then the hate filled voice will pop up again, and then you'll respond with your neutral response. Even if you don't totally believe the neutral (or loving!) response, taking the step to insert the thought in your brain is the first steps towards developing a more positive inner dialogue. Image by @francis_cannon......#tuesdaytips#edrecovery#eatingdisorderawareness#bodyimageissues#bodyimagestruggles#bodyimage#bodypositive#bodyneutral#bodyaccpetance#bodylove#selflove#dbt#havenyoga#havenyogaseattle#yourbodyisahaven#recoverywarrior#recoveryispossible#protip#lifewithouted