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Capixaba da Gema (@capixabadagema) Instagram Profile Photocapixabadagema

Capixaba da Gema

 image by Capixaba da Gema (@capixabadagema) with caption : "Igreja Matriz, Serra ES

Foto: @freirerenato_ - ⛪" - 2050419592737979040

Igreja Matriz, Serra ES Foto: @freirerenato_ - ⛪

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Eru Shelford


🤾🏻‍♂️ THROW’n IT BACK 🏅 ▫️ Just over 5 weeks ago I completed my first half marathon and as you can see I did it slightly different than everyone else. ▫️ Total weight carried on the day was 43.4kg which included a 10kg weight vest, a 28kg Alice pack, and webbing that was filled with a couple water bottles, some snack pouches by @onlyorganic and a post race meal. ▫️ The reason I completed the half with this weight was to raise funds for those affected by the Christchurch attacks that happened in March of this year and in doing so, I raised over $900 thanks to you all. ▫️ I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t tough and that I didn’t want to quit...but I know damn well that it was worth every minute of it, all 206 of them! ▫️ So a huge thank you to every one of you that supported my fundraising attempt in one way or another including the other racers on the day and to my beautiful wife for coming out and supporting me and waiting for my slow ass😘 ▫️ Now on to the next. But I need some ideas. Do you have an event in mind that could be my next challenge? If so, what do you think it should be? ▫️ Comment below to let me know. I’d love to hear what wicked thoughts you all have🤙🏼

Dynamic Haven Academy (@dynamichavenacademy) Instagram Profile Photodynamichavenacademy

Dynamic Haven Academy

 Instagram Image by Dynamic Haven Academy (@dynamichavenacademy) with caption : "Everyone in life needs a mentor because when you are weak, your mentor can help shine light on the importance of your mi" at Windhoek, Namibia - 2049545108042424783

Everyone in life needs a mentor because when you are weak, your mentor can help shine light on the importance of your ministry. Ministry is something you carry on your inside, it is not a church. The church is born from your ministry therefore it is vital for called ministers to take care of their ministry first. The growth of the church depends on the growth of the ministry. Where others dug wells and water didn’t come out, Isaac dug wells and water came out because he took care of his ministry within. No one can stand on their own because perfect people do not exist. We are calling Pastors, Music Ministers, Preachers, Apostles, Evangelists in need of Guidance and Mentorship to register for our ‘Mentorship for Pastors & Musicians Course’..... Call/WhatsApp +264 852223332. . . #prayforchristchurch


PART 4 _ Inilah Bukti Betapa Busuknya Pemilu 2019, Semua Masalah Yang Terjadi Di Pemilu 2019 Seperti Di Acuhkan Dari Semua Tingkatan Daerah oleh KPU dan Bawaslu...Jadi Jangan Salahkan Rakyat Jika Nanti Mencari Keadilan Sendiri Untuk Turun Ke Jalan! ________________________________________________ "Ketika Adil Sudah Tidak Ada Lagi Dalam Pikiran Setiap Insan, Maka Rusak-lah Semua Tatanan Kehidupan, Yang Ada Hanya Nafsu Untuk Memuaskan Tujuan dan Keinginan." ________________________________________________ Yang Saya Takutkan Negri Ini Akan Pecah...Jika Keadilan Dan Kejujuran Tidak Lagi Di Hormati Sebagai Pegangan hidup Sebuah Bangsa Yang Besar!. - _ Follow ➡️➡️➡️ & support @dorayaki_tokyo@prabowo@sandiuno@fuadbakh@rocky_gerung.note@hendri.zef@rocky_gerung.note@rocky.gerung_@rockygerungofficial@rockyvoices@rockygerungfans@ahmaddhaniofficial@ahmaddhaniprast@conan.3d0g4wa@opposite6890@wongfeyhung_@farhanazp.real  #prayforchristchurch