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Constance Faddis (@crfaddis) Instagram Profile Photocrfaddis

Constance Faddis


Even in late fall, there’s beauty at the Refuge. 1668353872828984344

Even in late fall, there’s beauty at the Refuge.

Y'ALL of ASA (@yall4asa) Instagram Profile Photoyall4asa



This is @sarojane_signing off of my takeover and 1668349274453108669

This is @sarojane_signing off of my takeover and leaving Y'ALL with a few words and a view of our land here in the Laurel Highlands that we cherish, respect and protect. The land we call @forsaken_roots_is just at its beginning stages of being reclaimed and restored back to a natural thriving state. We are grateful for this land, it certainly didn't come easy to us and has a long road ahead.We invite you to follow along with us as we continue to work hard to lead by example as pioneers of our area, engaging in the forgotten ways and values that @redman747and I both were fortunately brought up on.Those engage in a cottage industry lifestyle as we do up here, know it's not an easy life but it's a rewarding one.We hope to play a part in a time where we see more and more people start pitching in, and actively being part of the rural places, forests, and rivers, that they want to visit. Privately owned or publicly owned.After all, you don't see us hillbillies in desperate need of a getaway to the city or suburbs. But if we did seek it, by golly it wouldn't come without spending a pretty penny!#forsakenroots#preservation#naturesanctuary#farmland#hillbillies#cottageindustry

Ariele Frizzante (@arielefrizzante) Instagram Profile Photoarielefrizzante

Ariele Frizzante


Studio Tai (@studio.tai) Instagram Profile Photostudio.tai

Studio Tai

Nature Sanctuary: Bamboo Rooftop Garden, V Studio. 1668175585078108997

Nature Sanctuary: Bamboo Rooftop Garden, V Studio.⠀⠀A haven of peace and tranquility atop the roof of a large shopping mall in China.⠀⠀Photo © Jin Weiqi⠀⠀#vstudio#naturesanctuary#nature#bambooforest#bamboo#rooftopgarden#architecture#contemporarydesign#design#rooftop#garden#greenery#green#sanctuary#haven#rest#relaxation#wellbeing#wellness#retreat#asia#china

Elaine Bailey Brown (@elbaibro) Instagram Profile Photoelbaibro

Elaine Bailey Brown

We've had some visitors aswell as the snow turning up ️️Pond is still trickling away.#nature#naturesanctuary#snowygarden#frostyeffect

Dr. Summer Lam (@summerchiro) Instagram Profile Photosummerchiro

Dr. Summer Lam