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We designed the new website for @heyamberrae’s new 1668476719614358065

We designed the new website for @heyamberrae ’s new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry (@wednesdaybooks/ @macmillanusa ).•Check it out on your mobile device of choice. It looks good and stuff.•Check out to pre-order her new book.

SquarePixl Marketing Agency (@squarepixlcreative) Instagram Profile Photosquarepixlcreative

SquarePixl Marketing Agency

Is your website well designed?Here are 3 reasons 1668384437525740671

Is your website well designed?Here are 3 reasons why design matters more than ever:1. Your Customers are on Mobile Devices — Perhaps the most important is having a website that is mobile-optimized. Mobile websites account for over 64% of conversions with over a quarter of web searches conducted on mobile devices.2. First Impressions Matter — Chances are that your customer will end up on your website through search or referral and you want to make sure the first impression you make is a good one, It will determine how your customers view and interact with your business.3. You Are The Image You Portray — Strong visuals and a clean, organized layout give legitimacy to your business. These elements help establish trust and credibility to your business which is essential if your website is trying to convert visitors into customers online and offline.Bottom line is your website is core to your marketing strategy and as such, the look of your site should visually convey the feelings you want the user to have about your business. It should be inviting and invoke user confidence and most importantly, drive results.

Mobile App Developer design 📱💻 (@appurserviceint) Instagram Profile Photoappurserviceint

Mobile App Developer design 📱💻

We are an Expert Mobile App Design and Developer t 1667893741119444280

We are an Expert Mobile App Design and Developer that solves problems and improves every aspect of your business.1. Who are we here for?Everyone, but we have areal focus on small businesses and previously under-served markets.2. What do we value most?Long-term relationships, life-changing technology solutions, amazing customer service and giving back.3. What is our persona/personality?Quirky, honest, dedicated, humble, efficient, positive, reflective, altruistic, inclusive, skilled, social, nimble, flexible, curious, detail oriented, straight forward, goofy, funny, animated.Did we say goofy?

98 Cent Websites (@98centwebsites) Instagram Profile Photo98centwebsites

98 Cent Websites

For only 98 cents a day you can get your business1667620611389844592

For only 98 cents a day you can get your business or brand online without having to pay for separate hosting!#98centwebsites