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Wayne Leal (@wayne_leal) Instagram Profile Photowayne_leal

Wayne Leal

Instagram Photo taken by wayne_leal 1669151796137892220
Morgan Brod, RD, CDN (@_loveyourgut) Instagram Profile Photo_loveyourgut

Morgan Brod, RD, CDN

Love bringing all the best people together with fo 1669150889541102780

Love bringing all the best people together with food, especially my first ALL home-made holiday dinner!#happyhanukkah️ and #happyholidays️🥂

Att respektera sig själv innebär att man acceptera 1669149121583130656

Att respektera sig själv innebär att man accepterar sig själv. Precis som man är. Att visa hänsyn till sina styrkor och svagheter och lära känna sina känslor..

❤️c:lo (@seekers.corner) Instagram Profile Photoseekers.corner



Surprise! It's c:lo here @seekers.corner !! When life throws you the unexpected, find your smile and connect with what lights up your soul... it'll helps move you forward, even when you're mind tells you that you can't. Keep your head up young world, blessings!! ️c:lo #seekers .corner #smile#light#inside#out#say#no#to#feeling#separate#learning#lessons#meditation#peace#onelove#honesty#integrity#knowthyself#consciousness#responsibility#knowledge#life#quotes#motivations#intentions#mindfullness

Shelbey Chiavari FIT by PAC (@fitbypac) Instagram Profile Photofitbypac

Shelbey Chiavari FIT by PAC


Owning a business can be amazing. It can make you feel free from the hold of a “regular” job, independent and like you’re on top of the world!! BUT sometimes it gets really, really hard. So hard sometimes it makes you ask, “why am I doing this?” This is the catch 22 of being a #ladyboss‍️ Not everyone is cut out for that #bosslifeI’ll tell you a secret though that has kept me sane this week (I know, we are only half way through!).... this BEAUTIFUL blend of essential oils. It’s so uplifting, yet grounding at the same time. I just dab a little behind my ears when the stress feels like it’s RIGHT THERE... it brings me back down to earth and makes me feel energized in a way that I can take on whatever comes my way. Super easy especially when I spend the entire day in the car doing deliveries. It also makes me feel extra special because it’s limited edition! 🧘‍️ What are some things you do to help bring you back towhen you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed?