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 image by Wanda (@rebelrod921) with caption : "So missing this view right now! #🇵🇷#PalmasDelMar #Humacao #Marbella" - 2026598775912518681

So missing this view right now! #🇵🇷 #Marbella

Horse Emily (@horse_emily_usa) Instagram Profile Photohorse_emily_usa

Horse Emily


A big part of a message, is how you deliver it. The core of what you are trying to tell can be the same, while the way you deliver it can be interpreted in many ways. When I just started my horsemanship journey (with Parelli) I saw it has major effects on my horse(s). A horse that could not be caught, turned into the best partner I could wish for. I was so excited about this, that I wanted to share this with the entire world. And I did.. but in the wrong way. You see, because of the way I delivered the message, I created the feeling that I thought that my way was the only right way. While in fact, there are millions of ways. But ‘my way’ worked so well What happened was that not many of my friends where interested in my way. Not the slightest bit, because all I did was make them feel wrong about what they did with their horses. I kept on going though.. and by the time I was cantering bareback and bridleless on the beach with two different horses, people got interested. By the way I could trailerload my horses in a second without any force or pain, people started asking questions. I think it was Parelli that said something like ‘first you have to make them go ‘wow’, before they ask ‘how’. And in my case, that was true. That also happens the other way around. When someone writes about their method in a way that that is the only right one, I am not interested. When they rise themselves up by putting others down, I am not interested. When they feel the need to criticize others In almost an arrogant way, I am not interested. But.. make me go ‘wow’, and I will ask you how. Or.. deliver your message in a different way. A way that builds curiosity and opens doors. Not by smacking ‘my’ door in my face, trying to open yours… . . . . . . 🐴 . . 🙏 Follow us @horse_emily_usa for daily post 💕 📷 Post by: unknow ═══════════════════════ #marbella

Phone Cases & Accessories (@blueberrycases_) Instagram Profile Photoblueberrycases_

Phone Cases & Accessories

 Instagram Image by Phone Cases & Accessories (@blueberrycases_) with caption : "The Flamingo 🌺" at Marbella, Spain - 2026583810795305538

The Flamingo 🌺

Nury Camps (@nurycamps) Instagram Profile Photonurycamps

Nury Camps

 image by Nury Camps (@nurycamps) with caption : "Lo bueno de lo malo es que pasa, lo malo de lo bueno es que también pasa. .
#nurycamps #tarot #astrologia #frase #pasa" - 2026582538916209069

Lo bueno de lo malo es que pasa, lo malo de lo bueno es que también pasa. . . #marbella