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The Dafneys (@thedafneys) Instagram Profile Photothedafneys

The Dafneys

Great time shooting some video with the LBCC light 1668665059290611594

Great time shooting some video with the LBCC lighting class!#lbcc#lbcc2017#unseen#insecurity

T A M 📧 (@the_afrikmuse) Instagram Profile Photothe_afrikmuse

T A M 📧

Your insecurities stick around as long as your tho 1668692189892399702

Your insecurities stick around as long as your thoughts stay the same.

This picture exemplifies some of my conquered inse 1668675369946295839

This picture exemplifies some of my conquered insecurities... if shown this photo just a year ago, I would have thought to myself "ugh my huge forhead! My god, look at my hairline, I'm balding! My face is too long, it looks like a banana! My chin protrudes!" All real insecurities I've had since I can remember. But now, when I look at it, I truly am proud to look the way I do. I have learned, every single person has different features, there is no normal. And no matter what, there are always people who wish they had your features. Recently a woman told me she always wished she had a long face like mine, and I, flabbergasted, told her I always wanted a round face like hers... at that moment something clicked... it is all so silly, everything about looks is subjective, up to personal taste. I've learned to be proud of the very things I was ashamed of.#beautiful#overcome#selfie#portrait#selfportrait#insecurity#selflove#loveyourself#youreperfect#naturalbeauty#nomakeup#beyou#beauty#woman#model#actress#upandcoming#inspire#inspiration#inspirational#testimony#face#blackandwhite#eyes#photography#beinspired


Hi guys! I’m so sorry for not posting for such a long time! I really do. You guys deserve an explanation, especially for staying with me (not unfollowing). I was in a very bad mental breakdown because I have this weight issue and it got to the point where I feel like shit and have no confidence at all, I don’t even wanted to go out that’s how insecure I was and maybe still am. This pictures I took when I was at Bali about 5/6 months ago I can say I was “in shape” at the time I was weighed 58kg although not gonna lie I still wanted to get “skinnier” at the time because I thought I could look better. Now I weigh 65kg and working my way back to where I was desperately cause I’m not feeling confident at all about how I look. Shoutout to those confident people out there who rocks their skin and body cause confidence looks good on you but I myself can’t wear that confidence. I don’t even know if you guys care or bother to even read this but hey if you do, thank you for listening/reading and again I’m so sorry for being inactive#bodypositive#bodypositivity#confidence#mentalbreakdown#mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#insecure#insecurity#insecurities