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The force is strong with this one#TheLastJedi 1668964607136642679

The force is strong with this one#thelastjedi

Des AKA The Kid's Mommy (@coldasice3) Instagram Profile Photocoldasice3

Des AKA The Kid's Mommy


#StarWars Marathon times. 8 movies in 2 days. I go 1668963739654489798
Kaylin R. Staten⏳👑📚🖋📸 (@kaylinreneestaten) Instagram Profile Photokaylinreneestaten

Kaylin R. Staten⏳👑📚🖋📸


Greetings from Jakarta.. All I can sayHAIL RIAN1668916556837895947

Greetings from Jakarta.. All I can sayHAIL RIAN JOHNSONHAAAIIILLL RIAN JOHNSON!! next is POE DAMERON!POOOEEEE DAMNERON HIMSELF GUYS... I FALLING ALL OVER HIM's some spoilers... Kylo! Kylo got red sexy lips.. And ladies, KYLO IS DOING BARE CHEST...! And Poe.. Poe is getting more HOT I ALMOST LOOSE MY MIND!THERE some moment where I gasp because I could see the old general Leia looking as pretty as the young princess Leia.. She's so prettylastly HUUUXXXXso those are spoilers from me, you're welcome.Anyway watching in 4DX2D the aircon at the studio are not working properly I guess, but thank god since it's 4dx then the wind blows helps alot to cool that I need to use my jacket... I LOVE RIAN JOHNSON GUYS! WHY CAN'T WE HAVE HIM DOING THE XI EPISODE INSTEAD *CRIES#thelastjedi#starwars#rey#finn#poedameron#kyloren#lukeskywalker#generalhux#generalleia#bb8#bb9e#r2d2#c3po#porgs#vulptex#droids#firstorder#rebelscum#jedi#rianjohnson

Olivier Afshin Saghezchi (@oliviersaghe) Instagram Profile Photooliviersaghe

Olivier Afshin Saghezchi

Diojea Von Valloso (@iamdiojea) Instagram Profile Photoiamdiojea

Diojea Von Valloso


The most amazing sequel I have ever seen!!! HahahaThe Force is strong inside the cinema. I'd felt it. There's the comedy, action, adventure, surprises and of course the perfectly beautiful drama. It was totally worth it, almost two years of waiting just this story to be told not just for me but for all Star Wars fans haha!!! All of the cast done their part flawlessly great. But the ninth episode is on its way, so May The Force Be With Us#thelastjedi#generalleia

Amanda Clifford (@pandavision) Instagram Profile Photopandavision

Amanda Clifford

So, which of those things under the tree are for m 1668894946708570615

So, which of those things under the tree are for me? -Leia#leiathedog#generalleia#givingseason#holidaytimes#dogsofinstagram