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From Your Perspective (@from_your_perspective) Instagram Profile Photofrom_your_perspective

From Your Perspective

.Isn’t it gorgeous?.> > > > > > > EDIT OUR PI 1667980716615887954

.Isn’t it gorgeous?.> > > > > > > EDIT OUR PICTURES! < < < < <.ARTIST FEATURE.@irrvas..Please show some Instagram love by checking out their galleries for more great pictures and give them a follow!.️️️️️️️️️️️️️.Our hashtag is: #fyp_edit_3.#from_your_perspective.You MUST be following us for your picture to be considered..Old or new photos can be tagged..Please do not tag pictures we have already featured..Thank you for tagging your fantastic pictures!.#instagood#picoftheday#diewocheaufinstagram.Mods: @be17es , @garrydavenport , @kas.bee@breathe_barlow@janets_51.#fyp_featuredbybeate(please don't use the #)

Ameya Talwar (@ameya.talwar) Instagram Profile Photoameya.talwar

Ameya Talwar

Memories of a summer day, laden with the whispers1667968387492345840

Memories of a summer day, laden with the whispers of the city wind and sun flushed cheer.

Gee Gee (@zulumotto) Instagram Profile Photozulumotto

Gee Gee

Summer’s the time for . . . sun1667968421708673726

Summer’s the time for . . . sun

🍀Enikő🍀 (@glkeniko) Instagram Profile Photoglkeniko