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BAILEY 🐶🇦🇺 (@collieboybailey) Instagram Profile Photocollieboybailey


Flash back to my first day with my family1668739312344250623

Flash back to my first day with my family

I took this photograph of Go-Go a few weeks ago at 1668721786957921240

I took this photograph of Go-Go a few weeks ago at her last vet appointment. This morning I had woken up with her at around 7 a.m. to let her out to go pee. It was an awful, grey, rainy morning out and I remember I could feel the dampness in my bones while I waited for her at the back door to come in. What would happen next, would disturb me for days (more like weeks) to come. While Go-Go was going poop large worms the length of spaghetti started coming out of her and falling onto the grass. For any of you who know me; I have a massive fear of worms (although I would never kill or hurt one) and infestations are also a big phobia of mine too. So put the two together and I was a total wreck. I screamed for Luth while yelling these exact words "my worst nightmare is happening right now!!!!!" So, I woke the entire house up and we all packed into our car and drove to our vet over an hour away to get this little lady treated and worm-free. Oh, and Bijou happened to have some mega allergic reaction on his chest from a previous medical procedure he had done a week before, so we brought him along too. Tybee joined just to be support for her brother and sister but had to go sit in the car with Luth because she was super anxious and wanting to bark at every animal in the office which she had never done before, but why not today, right? Also, just as we were leaving the vet, I'm sitting in the car with Go-Go on my lap and I see a flea jumping from one part of her neck to the other. Just as I'm combing through her fur, I found 2 more. So, I rushed her back in and she was also treated with yet another round of flea treatment. Then I had to ask the secretary for wipes to clean down our entire suv that was covered in throw up because Go-Go had been sick, throwing up the entire drive up. After we left the vet, we stopped to grab breakfast because Luth and I hadn't eaten yet and for some reason nothing was open in Milton on a Saturday morning so we had to wait like an hour in our car before we could get food. Then when we got home, we spent way too many hours cleaning the house from top to bottom for fleas. I'm OCD with an infestation phobia, bad combo! Ugh, what a day!

Sunny hatte das erste Mal Herrenbesuch von ihrem F 1668737306495601810

Sunny hatte das erste Mal Herrenbesuch von ihrem Freund Rocky... und war so schüchtern ️#dogfriendship#firstlove

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Instagram Photo taken by pawsdw 1668708529619310826