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Teresa McDonald 👩🏼 “T” (@fitcoachteresa) Instagram Profile Photofitcoachteresa

Teresa McDonald 👩🏼 “T”


Oh my gosh 😳, THIS IS ME!! 🤩 FitTeam premiered my 100 pound club video this morning. Thought I would share it with all of you. Before FitTeam, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in this place ... of losing the weight and keeping it off, of not taking any medications, of having tons of energy, of working out (and loving it), and of feeling and looking younger than I have in years. YOU can have this too! Just get in touch with me and see what this revolutionary organic product can do for you. #discipline

🇨🇦 Keto Maxine 🔽 67 lbs (@ketomaxine) Instagram Profile Photoketomaxine

🇨🇦 Keto Maxine 🔽 67 lbs

10 months keto today! 🤩🥳💖 I’ll admit I was really focused and committed the first 5 months and dropped most of the weight during that time. Then I lost a couple pounds over the span of several months because I kept cheating and going up and down with my weight. It’s not that the keto lifestyle is impossible to maintain, it’s my own habits and issues around food that lead to this. Thankfully as of now I am only up 6 lbs from my lowest and since getting back to tracking I am on my way back down. It’s kind of exciting in a way because it’s like starting from scratch. You get that initial weight loss of water and maybe a pound or so of actual fat and then it gives you the motivation to keep going! I’m glad I was able to pull it together because I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks! 😱 My last vacation was last June. A full year. Soooo much has changed its incredible. Keto has improved my life in so many ways. I’m so thankful to everyone who got the word out and how it’s gained popularity. Keto is saving so many lives. It truly feels like I’ve added back 30 plus years to my life span. I was not in good shape 1 year ago today. I had horrible chronic fibromyalgia pain, felt exhausted from morning to night, woke up feeling sore, stiff and like I hadn’t slept a wink and was in an accident and many other issues surrounding my weight, diagnosis and eating habits. That has definitely changed but also how I’m feeling about myself has improved so much as well. I’m gaining confidence back in myself and my future. 💜 . . . . . . . . #discipline

Joanna Broadbent (@sportsbrasandsippycups) Instagram Profile Photosportsbrasandsippycups

Joanna Broadbent


How to be successful... on your own shit 😉💪💯🙌 T's come in regular and ladies fitted #discipline

Danny Andres Guatarama (@guatarama.trainer) Instagram Profile Photoguatarama.trainer

Danny Andres Guatarama

 image by Danny Andres Guatarama (@guatarama.trainer) with caption : "Felicitaciones wey jajaja vamos caballo a meter mano en mexico🇲🇽 Aqui seguimos trabajando fuerte 💪🏻🇻🇪

T" - 2050299541387492771

Felicitaciones wey jajaja vamos caballo a meter mano en mexico🇲🇽 Aqui seguimos trabajando fuerte 💪🏻🇻🇪 @kendervillegas Trabajando duro 💪🏻⚾️🇻🇪 Síganme 💪🏻🇻🇪 💪💪 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @guatarama.trainer@guatarama.trainer  #Discipline

Laura Marie Pérez Rodríguez (@laumariepr) Instagram Profile Photolaumariepr

Laura Marie Pérez Rodríguez


Muerte súbita y como dice mi coach . . . One of my Leg routines while preparing from my last and first competition _______________________________________________________ 👉🏼 Coach @bernabelagrule@bernabe_coach _______________________________________________________ #discipline

John  W. Ewing Jr Fit After 50 (@johnwewingjr) Instagram Profile Photojohnwewingjr

John W. Ewing Jr Fit After 50


Happy Thankful Thursday I'm today for the upcoming weekend and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Today's workout was Farmers Carry with 50 lbs and then, the glider with bands for lower and upper body resistance, then a full body workout using the squat rack and the universal machine. #Discipline

🌐Clinton Barbadillo (@ifbb_pro_clint_b) Instagram Profile Photoifbb_pro_clint_b

🌐Clinton Barbadillo

 image by 🌐Clinton Barbadillo (@ifbb_pro_clint_b) with caption : "#discipline" - 2050298475966675706


✨Soul Coach for 🏹 Artists 💫 (@marta_madhubliss) Instagram Profile Photomarta_madhubliss

✨Soul Coach for 🏹 Artists 💫

 image by ✨Soul Coach for 🏹 Artists 💫 (@marta_madhubliss) with caption : "D I S C I P L I N E  I S  F A I T H ❤️ I N  A C T I O N 👣👣👣@trewrussellbrand #discipline #russelbrand" - 2050298459468155773

D I S C I P L I N E I S F A I T H ❤️ I N A C T I O N 👣👣👣@trewrussellbrand #discipline