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Zoë Hope Kolln (@zoehopekolln) Instagram Profile Photozoehopekolln

Zoë Hope Kolln


Detail shots for the curious.Its wayyy too late in the season to be posting Halloween flash, what can I say? I’m a rebel.¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Releasing the third out of six spooky/fall themed flash sheets I've been working on  .This sheet is an 18x24” drawing, graphite on paper..I’m calling it my creepy characters flash and it has 10 spooky creations to choose from.From left to right: bride of Frankenstein, Sorting hat, pig mask, dementor, goat kid..Please do not copy/reproduce.DM or email  for booking and to claim .Stay tuned for the next flash, I’ll be posting it all as I complete each sheet .

💕🍼Melanie Martinez🍼💕 (@melaniemartinex) Instagram Profile Photomelaniemartinex

💕🍼Melanie Martinez🍼💕

The most annoying thing is when haters come onto M 1667980906190353149

The most annoying thing is when haters come onto Melanie's account or fan accounts and start talking about how much they hate her and start bashing her, like.. OK? If you "hate" her so much, why do you come onto her account / her fan accounts and start saying shit instead of just ignoring her? 0.o makes no sense. There's plenty of celebrities that I don't like, but I don't go running to their accounts or fan accounts and start trashing them, that's stupid. If I ignore their existence - they can't bother me, lmao.#melaniemartinez

Matty Pomernackas (@mattychuckles) Instagram Profile Photomattychuckles

Matty Pomernackas


Woke up to a couple @chetzarstudies delivered.These are amazing!#art#painting#creepy