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Visited my little jellymonster ornament on the nei 1669250732456169422

Visited my little jellymonster ornament on the neighborhood Christmas tree today. He doesn't seem to mind the snow!

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Miserable Weekend

Love can be rough with those it ensnares. Among th 1669249637004128423

Love can be rough with those it ensnares. Among the Trash-Ape’s, wooing and warring tend to blur together. Witness the fierce ritual known as Barchasttishtlac. Wherein a male and female Trash-Ape meet and size each other up. Often they will sniff and paw at each other’s greasy fur, inspecting the quality of the trash, stored under the folds of their skin. They will even rip out strands of each hair to see it closer. Then they will move to their marathon courtship dance, a violent and passionate exercise that will often break into a full blown fist fight in the floor. If the mate’s can withstand each other’s barrages they eventually fall into a collapsed release in each other’s arms.This dance can take as long as three days, if a trash ape couple begins performing this ceremony in your local club establishment DO NOT PANIC, act casual but be attentive to the trash-ape if they demand that you clean up the blood and the mess they leave after them. Serve dutifully and make sure you never look at them in the eyes. They are stronger than us.~~~#trash#garbage#cultclassic#creature#tinderfail#stories#dating#indaclub