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Smoke & Honey Cosplay (@smoke_honeycosplay) Instagram Profile Photosmoke_honeycosplay

Smoke & Honey Cosplay

2017 was one hell of a year, 2018 has a tough act1667087752632979669
Damien 🇮🇪 ( Instagram Profile

Damien 🇮🇪

PhotoGrid is a bit fiddly to work with, so this wa 1666988288144343546

PhotoGrid is a bit fiddly to work with, so this was a bit of a rush job. But behold: me in a nutshell, especially when it's non cosplaying friends who say it to me! I'm not doing it to be humble or modest, either. I have met some of the most talented, creative people through this hobby and it's so motivating to see their progress! I'm all about sharing my friends and promoting the hell out of their talents! So many chameleons out there using contacts, wigs, makeup and sewing their own costumes. I put on sunglasses and do a silly walk. KEEP BEING INSPIRATIONAL, EVERYONE!#cosplay#cosplayer#cospositivity#cosplayerpositivity#willsmithmeme#drwhomeme#cosplaying#belfastcosplay#agentdelta#agentdeltacosplay#promoteyourfriends#cosplayersofig#cosplayersofinstagram#raiseyourfriends#cosplayerfriends#talentedcosplayers#listenhere#talentedfriends#cospositivealliance#cospositive

Hey all! You should check out Kingdom of Cosplay o 1666844854414806465

Hey all! You should check out Kingdom of Cosplay on Facebook. It’s a great page run by some kick ass cosplayers to promote cosplayers and help give them exposure.Next week on Kingdom of cosplay is Steampunk Week. If you’ve done a steampunk cosplay or no someone who has, send them over to the page.Once you’re to the page, click send a message. Send one photo of yourcosplay and be sure to include a link to your cosplay page (IG, FB, or both). Include who you’re portraying, and include the photographer (if needed). While you’re at it, be sure to check out @ragecosplayand @amynicolecosplay2 of the admins on the page.