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Your Team, Your Town (@yourteamyourtown) Instagram Profile Photoyourteamyourtown

Your Team, Your Town

Kemp & Payton. Where do they rank in all time NBA duos? Share your answers ⬇⬇⬇

Liz Dueweke 🐾 (@lizdueweke) Instagram Profile Photolizdueweke

Liz Dueweke 🐾

#RipCity at the Moda Center we miss basketball#b 1666416213188438049

#ripcityat the Moda Center we miss basketball#bringbackthesonics

Nba2k_myleague (@myleague2kislife) Instagram Profile Photomyleague2kislife


As the nba 2020-21 season gets underway after a wi 1665051113676903451

As the nba 2020-21 season gets underway after a wild off-season here's a recap on the past 3 seasons the Thunder find a way to win a NBA TITLE in the 2018 season and after the off season Paul George Leaves for the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseasonHowever the warriors would bounce back after making a huge off season move trading for Noel from the mavs winning the chip the next season even tho the cavs would win the title the next season LeBron James signs with the suns on a two year deal cuz of management (Dan Gilbet)who will come out of the west this year and who will represent the east in this yr's finals?!!?!? #staytuned#2krebulid#myleague#bringbackthesonics#knickstape#bonkgang#nytonc (@balldontstop) Instagram Profile Photoballdontstop

SEATTLE#BringBackTheSonics 1664138351277520286
The Trap NBA Podcast (@ttpnba) Instagram Profile Photottpnba

The Trap NBA Podcast

With Key Arena getting a $660 million dollar renov 1663830927224445508

With Key Arena getting a $660 million dollar renovation clearing the way for a NEW arena in theSoDo neighbourhood of Seattle - what are the chances that the #sonicsmake a return in the near future?#seattle#keyarena#nba#90 ’s #garypayton#shawnkemp#georgekarl#likeforlike#bringbackthesonics#supersonics