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Priyanka Dalal (@priyankawriting) Instagram Profile Photopriyankawriting

Priyanka Dalal

There are lot of transport options in Seville (Seviya) - bus, boat, car, horse carriage shown in these pics... And also tram, Metro, cycle, cycle-rickshaw, 4 people pedal units and more.Wait, what's at the background of these images?Oh that..... it's just Sevi doing it's thing - stunning the visitors.

Stunning Andalusian #horse #andalusian 1666874143953383152

Stunning Andalusian #horse#andalusian

Reich!🍀 (@reichel_gom) Instagram Profile Photoreichel_gom



Qué todo lo bueno te suceda después de un infierno, después de un dolor en las alas, tras un sueño casi perdido. Qué todo lo bueno te suceda tras una decepción porque implica crecimiento. Qué todo lo bueno de la suerte te encuentre, te llene el alma, te salve y te cuide. De casualidad, por sopresa. Porque así sea de bonito. Qué todo lo bueno siga haciendo que seas tú, verdadero, perfecto dentro de lo imperfecto. Qué todo lo bueno me siga pasando y que siempre te pueda mandar un beso y una sonrisa desde lo más alto de una escalera...

Amru Alabidi - عمرو العابدي (@elite_horsemanship) Instagram Profile Photoelite_horsemanship

Amru Alabidi - عمرو العابدي

First saddling for this #beautiful 2 yr old #Andal 1667300775528226704

First saddling for this #beautiful2 yr old #andalusiancolt. Obviously still too young to ride but giving him a nice foundation at an early age can speed up his progress when he is old enough to ride. I'll be taking him through all the basic and advanced groundwork exercises, building his confidence, teaching him the #spanishwalk , #shoulderin , etc... all from the ground. Also ensures these little stallions don't have a chance to develop any bad or aggressive habits. Still in hospital for a couple more days but all going well. Enjoy your #monday