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Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau (@metiscaron) Instagram Profile Photometiscaron

Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau


Just some of the handmade items I have available f 1668285102364437915

Just some of the handmade items I have available for purchase. DM to purchase or check out the Winter Gift exhibit on now at Seymour Art Gallery. ⠀⠀Cards are 5x7" and make a nice framed print. They are all limited edition digital giclees only available through myself or at the Seymour Gallery Gift shop. ⠀⠀©AdeleArseneau 2017⠀⠀

Scott's Aboriginal Art (@scottsaboriginalart) Instagram Profile Photoscottsaboriginalart

Scott's Aboriginal Art

progress pic of a commissioned painting with the s 1668083343986863092

progress pic of a commissioned painting with the story around a young Aboriginal family and them building a life together, the centre circles depict the parents and I have just got to add a circle in the middle for there young boy either side of the circlesis there journey and paths. similar style paintings are $350 and that includes postage and they come personalised with a story please inbox any questions thanx Scott #aboriginalart#aboriginalartist#aboriginal#art#artforsale#wiradjuri

Solid Ground (@solid__ground) Instagram Profile Photosolid__ground

Solid Ground

Thank you #APCS for hosting the first ever Alex Pa 1668073901375881843

Thank you #apcsfor hosting the first ever Alex Park Film Fest! #solidground& @cope_st_collectivewere stoked to be part of it!

Jai Darby Walker (@darbwalkz_80) Instagram Profile Photodarbwalkz_80

Jai Darby Walker


Mabung. 45x45cm. 2015 ©This newly sold old piece. Mabung. Highest elder. An elder of elder of sorts. The elder that elders look to. Mabung was told to me by my father's mother's sister. My Grandmother's. Later same things were told to me by men of the area. To the point of somebody saying that I have a Mabung style.Wearing his kangaroo skin covering, he is walking through the long grass. His hair, worn long as in the way of men, flows in the wind. He carries with him a spear, and his special boondhi. It identifies his stature to others in the area. He also is wearing a cane necklace. They could often be worn crisscrossed over the shoulders in an x-shape. I have been told that these cane necklaces, the more links and length you had, the more knowledge you had obtained in your life#art#artistic#artist#gayartist#artistsoninstagram#arty#artiste#aboriginalartist#aboriginal#aboriginalaustralia#canvas#paint#drawing#drawingart#creative#sketch#doodles#offthetopofmyhead#freehand#indigenousart#indigenousartist#indigenousculture#indigenous#indigenousaustralia#bundjalung#culture#elder#warrior#goori#respect

Wakarla ink n art (@wakarla) Instagram Profile Photowakarla

Wakarla ink n art