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Zorilita Mary Bellamy

Official licensed artist for My Little Pony, Womanthology, Marvel, DC, Rick and Morty, etc. Creator of Ah Heck!! and Faux Facts-TTCBS!

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Hikaru and Makona from Magic Knight Rayearth... MKR was one of the first shows I got via fansubs. I found the artbook at UCI’s anime store. Anyway, I identified with Hilary for looking younger than her age and childlike nature. I’d love to make stickers some time if I ever finish this. Tho like the art cards I’m not sure anyone would want them.

A discarded character that comes back to me every once in a while. A parody character from a sketch card set base card I drew.

Did you know I helped color flat volume 5 and now 6. Incidentally this was one page the creator posted today.

I needed a new table cover display since I didn’t feel like bringing the old bunnies any more so I chose to have all the main girls from Ah Heck!! And the bunnies.

So Scooby Doo has its 50th anniversary the other day. This drawing is a bit old but I still like it. What are they running from? We may never know.

Today didn’t go as planned but I am finishing up the table banner art...need to add Hope, bunnies and maybe Chibi villains etc

Sally has seen some horrible things... drawn and colored by me...inked by Scotty A!

Spinel your new best friend or not...a great character that embodies all those friendships where you can give everything to someone and they still walk away.

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