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@euphoria on @hbo Sundays @ 10pm Spider-Man Far From Home out now!

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Happy birthday Rue Rue (footage that didn’t make it, ready to go back now)

Fall campaign

So much gratitude to everyone who helped make me and @luxurylaw visions a reality. Thank you @thomasjhilfiger for your guidance and trust, you promised me creative freedom and support and delivered in the most beautiful way. Thank you to the @mamafoundation for bringing your magic and talent to our show and for all the work you do in the community of Harlem, we are proud to support you. We hope everyone who came or watched the show left with an overwhelming sense of joy through this celebration of history, thank you for your love.

Whoever took this, thank you for capturing my joy...still feeling a bit like a dream. So many pictures and long posts coming✨


A dream, thank you to my @lancomeofficial family for an incredible first fragrance launch together💫

Thank you @garage_magazine For having me on your cover and to the extraordinary @simoneyvetteleigh for allowing me to be a part of your art. @ryanmcginleystudios @gabriellak_j @luxurylaw

Keeping this energy as I step into my 23rd year of life, thank you for all the love.

Because there’s no Euphoria tonight...I present your favorite tv sister duo @stormreid

I have a lot to say, and I don’t know how to get it out, or even process these last 8 weeks but I’ll try. I’m so grateful for this show. For the beautiful family I’ve gained from it, for the self discovery and purpose I’ve found in it, and the people that we’ve been able to connect with and speak to through it. We spent months, hard months, pouring ourselves into something we love, and it was an honor to have done so beside so many insanely talented, extraordinary people. From my brilliant cast mates, H&MU, Costume Design, Cinematographers, ADs, Producers, the whole crew, each of you have inspired me and pushed me to be better everyday. Sam, thank you for trusting me with the most honest parts of yourself and bringing Rue into my life, for both of you, I’m forever grateful. Alright I could do this forever. But you get the idea, I’m thankful for a lot. And also for all of you out there for receiving our work with an open heart. Can’t wait to do it all again! With all this being said, the finale episode 8 tonight💙

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