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Los Angeles, CA 👩‍👧❤️ 🇩🇴

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I ain’t in the mood if I ain’t in my bag.

sucker for arrangements 💛

This platform can tend to feel narcissistic at times as if we’re all posting & sharing to say “hey everyone look at me & be like me” However, I don’t think that’s the case for everyone. For me it is a form of cathartic expression, I release my inhibitions, and unleash my confidence. As a testament to myself unapologetically and fearlessly. Some days are more challenging than others, to see my own light so to speak, but I try to honor those days as well, they are a part of our collective human condition so it brings me back to love through patience. The unsolicited yet solicited opinions that come with this platform (because let’s face it we’re all susceptible to critique here) don’t affect my perception of me. I embrace every layer, facet and nuance that makes me who I am because I adorn myself with love. As we should all. So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about purpose, legacy, how to give back in small ways, big ways- the measure is all subjective anyway, where to start, how am I contributing, what am I selling. It’s really the only way to make this all worthwhile and feel fulfilled. God gave me this platform and so how will I serve with it. One of the things I’ve reckoned is that the only lifestyle I want to sell is authenticity and the relationship with ourselves thus the world. I want for when you see an image of me it moves you to a more loving place, I hope that when you see me, I make you want to be more YOU. Sure it’s fine to want to know what lipstick I’m wearing, what designer I’m wearing, what face wash I use, but what I really would like to do is for everyone to collectively walk in their power and truth and see the strength in one another. Pretty utopian of me I know, but we have to start somewhere ❤️

talk to me like lovers do 💛

90’s sitcom moment with @miaou 💞

I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you, that I almost believed that the pictures are all I can feel.

you a real one, I’m inspired 🖤

I guess that’s just the motion...

LOVE IS THE LAW. Thank you for having me @theofficialpandora



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