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Before you panic: No, you don't have to swear off sugar forever if you don't want to! But at the link in bio, experts break down how much added sugar might be considered *too* much—and what will actually happen to you if you do decide to cut back.

Real talk: The only actual warm-up mistake you can make is not doing one at all. If you’re looking to build muscle, boost your range of motion, and start your workouts off on the right foot, crank out a dynamic warm-up with this routine created by trainer @betinagozo. For each move, do 10 reps on each side, going from one exercise to the next without pausing. Link in bio for a follow-along video!

🚨Takeover alert!🚨 You know @coachkrystal_ from her romantic success story, but what does her life look like when the cameras are off? For starters, she's super committed to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Check it out on our Instagram Stories, and join Krystal right here at 8:45pm ET Wednesday for a live Q&A! ✨

"This quote went up for my kids, but it stays and stays for me. 🤗" —words of wisdom from @jennifer.garner 💕

Soaking up the last days of summer like... 🏖🏄‍♀️ WH's October issue starring is on stands ⚡️RIGHT NOW!⚡️ Link in bio to read the full cover story. 📷: @beaugrealy

Bachelorette is a self-proclaimed "cookie monster"—but what about *protein* cookies? 🍪 WH put the newly minted contestant to the ultimate taste test. Link in bio to watch the full video (and see which ones made her go full Hannah Beast 😜)!

“Be forgiving—you can’t always be and do everything at once.” ✨ Mom of three says moving on the reg is a must for her, whether it's trying a tough new workout class or taking a walk with her kiddos in tow. Link in bio for Gen's real-life advice on how she stays active with her (adorable) fam! 📷: @nowandgen

Ever feel like you *always* have to be doing something? Yes, FOND is a real phenomenon—the pros call it "time anxiety"—and if it sounds all too familiar, it may be time to reframe your perspective. Link in bio for an expert's take on the best ways to relax and let go.

The “dead bug” exercise is one of the simplest and best moves out there when it comes to strengthening your abs and core, without putting extra strain on your back. (Also perfect if you're kinda over planks and crunches 😏) Ready to give this move a try? Here's how to do it right, demonstrated by @obe_fitness trainer @melodynyc: - Lie face-up on the floor with your arms and in the air, knees bent 90 degrees. - Maintaining contact between your low back and the floor, brace your core, then slowly and simultaneously lower your right leg until your heel nearly touches the floor and your left arm until your hand nearly touches the floor overhead. - Pause, then return to start and repeat on the opposite side. That’s one rep. Link in bio for modifications and more!

"For years I kept falling in and out of love with specific parts of mine. Never have I ever loved all of me entirely. Up until the last few months my were my favourite. Today I somehow have just realized that my favourite part of me, and while it hasn't always been, is now my stomach. It housed two beautiful little miracles of mine and that alone makes it the most incredible part of me. For years and even before kids I always thought I needed to have a flat stomach, a stomach without wrinkles or stretch marks or rolls. It's so empowering to finally be free of those feelings and thoughts. It's taken me years to finally accept that no one else's opinion about my matters but MINE! It's also taken me years to understand that my strength comes from my mind My grace comes from my heart and My beauty comes from my soul! My is MY BODY and NOT YOURS to disapprove of." —@denupzter 💕

Have 5 minutes and a mat? ⏰ Then you have time for this anytime-anywhere hollow countdown core session from WH editor-in-chief @lizplosser and @menshealthmag fitness director @ebenezersamuel23. It'll have you rolling around on the floor and building your abs, obliques, and in the process. Moves below, details in the audio: . -5 hollow rocks, gator roll right (without letting your and arms help you roll), then 5 Supermans - roll back to hollow for 4 hollow rocks, then roll left and do 4 Supermans - follow the pattern until you've done 1 rock and 1 Superman - rest 1 minute, repeat 3 times . What do you want to see in Liz and Eb’s next ? 👇👇👇

Tag someone you love and let them know 💕 📷: @hungryforresults

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