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[Indianapolis📍] [23] Church ⛪️ Coffee ☕️Travel 🗺 Food 🍜

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As a young teenager and now that I am adult I’ve wanted things in life that I never imagine I would be able to accomplish in life or able to get in life. Throughout my life God has blessed me with my many things that I thought I would never have or accomplished or have in my life. You’d see I’m grateful that my parents have taught me to trust in him and act by faith and that with God anything is possible. Thinking of how My God is such a powerful God is! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or you can’t even achieve it. Let me tell I have seen God done the impossible to possible not just in my life but in others life as well . When you never thought can do it think again cause GOD CAN DO IT! YOUR DESIRES and DREAMS are NEVER TO HIGH for THE GOD WE SERVE! God has been faithful to me not just this but God blessed me with my dreams that now have become a reality! NEVER DOUBT GOD IN YOUR LIFE! I have learned that God has been so good to me not just this past week but over they years. I have learned in life that I have to take steps by faith like a mustard seed in my life. Trust me that has been the best decision life that my parents have ever taught me but not just my parents but most importantly GOD! God has never forsaken me ! I’m so glad that my parents raised me in church. A decision that i absolutely will never regret in my life living for God has been the most absolute amazing thing I have ever done ! 📷 💭 ☀️ 🌙

Chicago Downtown

Oh the day has arrived.... it’s official the day where the Gracia Brunch began! Today is the day where the oldest Gracia child was born in my family. Help me to wish him a Happy Birthday! One thing I can say having you as my brother is truly a blessing! You have showed me what true brother is. You have loved me since I was born I don’t know if it’s because I was the only sibling after you for while but you still love me anyway. You have taught me so much in this world that we live in. You are truly a definition of brother! You have taught me to love God in such more deeper profound meaning. I can say you love God inside and out. I love hearing you speak about God and the Bible I can see through you of your excitement when you speak about God! Also you have also encouraged me on traveling and living life to the fullest. You have joked and picked on me since I was born. You have corrected me when I’m wrong. You have given me advice about life. You are just absolutely amazing brother! I’m so happy to have Goldy brother like you in my life. What can I say you’re brother that I would never imagine not in my life. People that know you are honestly blessed to have you ! Your love for God is so sincere and your so passionate about it! Love you to utter most JonGra! What can I say have the best brother! Fun Fact: We work in the same place! Can’t wait to celebrate later on today with you ! 📷 ☀️

South Padre Island

It’s always bittersweet to say Goodbye to our loved ones especially family. We knew each other since we were babies . As Time passes we grow older and wiser. Glad that our family has always taught us to be like siblings. Although we are miles apart you will always be close to heart. Can you all guess who missing cup is for? I’m glad that God gave me amazing cousins. I’m also thankful for God giving me the opportunity to see my cousins and family from both sides 📷 🌙 ☀️ ☀️

Downtown Indianapolis

God has truly blessed with so much people that love me and that I love. God also truly blessed me with two amazing jobs that I have at this moment. God also has blessed my family with a church that we love so much and appreciate everything about the church. As a child my parents has taught us God has always come first in our lives. I am so thankful for that they put in that our hearts. One reason I have learned you once you put God as our priority in our lives. God will bless us more than we can imagine. As I am sitting and I am telling God how thankful I am what he has given me in my life and my family. I can truly say God has been so good to me and my family! Last year I was sitting taking Bianca I wanna car by next year and I want to amazing jobs that are not gonna take my whole time away from God. Now I have two amazing jobs and a car that I just absolutely love and appreciate. Let me tell you once you put God first and have faith that God take care of the rest! God has been truly amazing to me ! I am blessed the season that God has me ! I am blessed in the state I am living in. I am blessed with the people live here!♥️ You are Faithful, why should I be afraid? You are faithful, I know your not gonna change ! 📷 🌙 ☀️

Corinth, Mississippi

It’s crazy how some people come into our lives and all of sudden get along. It all sudden feels like you’ve known them for such a long time. Welp that how me and Lexie met. We met through our sibling cause they were dating and now they are married. However, Lexie and I automatically got along just knew it was right. Lexie and I were friends now we are sisters. Now it’s like every time we see each other it’s like we get back right to we left off. Every single time we say goodbye it’s most definitely hardest thing in life because I am not leaving just a friend, I am leaving behind one of my sisters. I love you Sista! Hast llego mi hermana! Its always an adventure with you. Te amo !! ♥️ 📷 🌙

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