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Maker of Original x Unique x Untraditional rings, wedding bands and random art; in a small one man workshop in SOCAL. Have a question? Dm is best.

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Mild wisp through clear.

I’ll be sad to see this color way go. There’s only 3 left on the site. . . .

Woodford reserve whisky barrel wood lined with darkened titanium. I actually did a dark wash on the wood using boiled linseed mixed with carbon fiber dust before sealing it. 😊

New sticker design by @loki_tactics. Most people don’t KNOW me on here. But I do have quite the fun personality so if I ever post something that seems snarky or passive aggressive please read it again and think all I’m trying to do is show a part of my funny personality. It’s tough to do on the worlds most negative platform but yea I’m just trying to have some fun. Being serious all the time just sucks. Hope you’re having a good Monday! 👊🏻

A Reserve with darkened titanium liner encased in tarnished @woodfordreserve whisky barrel wood. Sounds fancy. 😆

Here’s the other side. I’ll try and get more clear shots of the inside before I ship it.

Just finished this gem. and @karoshi_resin make a damn good pairing! I did some rock work outside then smoothed it out with a satin brushed finish. Like? 😊

Last one done before I had to run to Fedex and get today’s haul shipped out. Large titanium roller wedding band. 🤙🏻

White gold roller wrapped in Darkwood carbon fiber.

Rose Carbon lined with Platinum. 💰

Playing with paint... It’s not the world famous Fordite but it is Kenworth agate; so it still has some cool factor to me. It’s definitely a pain in the ass to work with though. There were a ton of voids in it so I filled the voids with glow resin.

Oh boy. 💋

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