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Radio talker•TV talker•Dog talker Twitter/Snapchat: wellsadams Facebook: wellsadamsofficial Management: 👇🏼@yftpodcast

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@sarahhyland = smoke show. 📷 cred: @first_name_basis

Find someone who loves you as much as @sarahhyland loves puppies on starting today!

Living my best ~*basic*~ life. Pumped to be celebrating with the one and only party brand @svedkavodka, sippin’ their new Rose 🎉 + laborday

Find someone who looks at you the way @kevinjonas looks at chicken wings. 📷cred: @sarahhyland

Happy birthday Carl! Now stop looking at her butt ya big hound...horn dog.

Appreciation video for my roommate on the @bacheloretteabc. My bourbon drinking buddy. My bestie from the TV world and honestly the one of the best guys I’ve ever met. We don’t deserve @pethderek.

Playa Escondida

Proof that I’m actually on @bachelorinparadise...

Kissing advice from the guy who took 7 episodes to kiss a girl one time. I convinced @pethderek to come to Paradise this year by saying, “If nothing else, at least we get to hang out on the beach, joke around, and eat tacos for a month!” This is a solid example of 97% of our stupid conversations on . @bachelorinparadise

MTV Video Music Awards 2019 Live

What can’t she do? Act ☑️ Dance ☑️ SING ☑️ Eat 3 bowls of salsa & still be hungry ☑️. Imagine the first time you sing one of your songs live, it’s at the , nationally televised, and you absolutely kill it?!? I’m constantly in awe of my fiancée and yes, I know, she’s way out of my league. And I love that. Now go listen to @jordanmcgraw and @sarahhyland ’s new song !

Almost tomorrow. It’s on tomorrow night. So there’s that. 📷: @sarahhyland

Another new bar concoction is here: Wells’ Watermelon Spritz! This one is amazing! All you have to do is mix 2 ounces of my favorite @Tropicana_Juices Watermelon with 2 ounces of vodka, 2 ounces of club soda, some cucumber wheels and there you have it! A refreshing summertime drink . Swipe for recipe!

We’ve got this whole wedding photography thing down. Congratulations to Matt and Lina!

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