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Documentary wedding photographers based in Italy -> Booking season 2020

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Monica & Andrea, Orcia Valley

Alessandra during her wedding day

Cascina Galbusera Nera

Hannah & Stu, August 2019

Antipáros, Greece

Welcome dinner, the day before of Jacob & Claire’s wedding. Antiparos 2018

Antipáros, Greece

a few hours before Claire and Jacob’s wedding, Antiparos 2018.

Alessandra during Stuart’s speech, September 2019

Milan, Italy

Can’t wait for their wedding in Orcia Valley this weekend !

Follow the DJ ! Alessandra & Stuart’s wedding.

Castello di Monasterolo

Stuart, ready for his wedding day. September 2019

Few minutes before Confetti Moment, Benèdicte + Mattia.

Cascina Galbusera Nera

Hannah+ Stu, an intimate moment. . .

Just delivered today ! Laura and Patric’s wedding in their private villa

Antipáros, Greece

Antiparos / September 2018

Memories / June 2019

Cascina Galbusera Nera

Hannah and Stu, July 2019

Dancefloor scenes / H + S

Lecco, Lake Como, Italy

The bridesmaid and her daughter. Laura and Patric’s wedding, June 2019

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