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Never take anything for granted & treat others the way you want to be treated // Snapchat👻: victoriajustice //

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The Plaza Hotel

The last pic in this slide is the most representative of how I actually felt staying at @theplazahotel 🤗. was incredible, & staying at one of the most iconic hotels in the city was a delicious cherry on top. 🍒 Thank you for everything! It’s always a dream & a pleasure staying w/ you ❤️ ***wearing @tanyataylor in first 2 ! This shot was taken on my way to her beautiful presentation.

New York, New York

@aliceandolivia is always one of my favorite presentations to attend! So fun, bold & colorful. Makes me happy 🤗. Thank you for having me 💗

New York, New York

@pamellaroland your show was beautiful! Thank you for having me 🤗💙

New York, New York

18 years ago, nearly 3,000 beautiful souls were taken from us. 💔 Today we remember the victims & heroes affected by the tragedy. 9/11 🙏🏼

New York, New York

Thank you for having me at your beautiful show @raisavanessa ! You both killed it, I had a great time🖤😊

West Village

I love this look sooo much 😫. @cinqasept you just get me. ❤️ Beautiful presentation, thank you for having me!

Angelika Film Center

Gotta keep it real. Fashion week is so much fun, but maaaan I love being comfortable😜. My feet are happier this way. Also!! I saw a movie I loved last night called “Brittany Runs a Marathon”. So funny & real & inspiring. Go see it! 👏🏼❤️ *sidenote* my hand is twisted so strangely in the 2nd pic it’s kinda freaky. idk what happened there 🤣 🤫

Congrats on the beautiful collection @rebeccaminkoff ! Absolutely loved the presentation ❤️😌

New York, New York

Day 1 of NYFW ✅ Loved this look! Wearing Vintage Versace top & tried a fun new eye. U like? 😏

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul was lit 🙈❤️ @modelistemagazine Editor-in-Chief @amynmccabe. Photo by @sarahkrickphotography. Wearing @RonnyKobo. Stylist @madisonguest. Hair and @MakeupByLusine. Travel @TurkishAirlines.


Two of my favorite shots from my @modelistemagazine spread ❤️ Special thanks to... Editor-in-Chief @amynmccabe. Photo by @sarahkrickphotography. Wearing @semsem. Stylist @madisonguest. Hair and @MakeupByLusine. Travel @TurkishAirlines. Location @sultan_carpets.

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