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Packed out with @spectrain_actual ・・・ ▪️L O W ▫️ P R O▪️ . . . ◾️SWIPE◾️ - The Gamut Overland has to be my favorite @vertx_official I’ve invested in thus far. I wanted to see what I could fit into this bag and it easily accommodates my @ballisticadvantage 12.3 Mini Recce with @eotech Vudu with a @lawtactical on a @sb.tactical Brace. I also added cheap hook strips I picked up from Amazon to a Cat Gen 7 and to the back of one of our very own Not Out the Fight @northamericanrescue Med kits. Another thing I picked up was MAP panels that allow me to securely attach my trusty @highspeedgear Tacos just about anywhere. This is such a versatile Bag with plenty of room for much more for when discretion and reduced signature matters. . . Upcoming Courses . . . -September 21st Critical Applications - Pistol @tacticalfarm . . -October 12 - 13 Precision Rifle Core @tacticalfarm . . -October 26 Core Rifle @tacticalfarm . . -November 2 Core Pistol @tacticalfarm . . .

Delta Stretch helps you to move better in the middle of . Delta 2.0 coming very soon. @heybminus ・・・ All angles... @actiontarget @pfc_training

@clarkshooter hiking out with a stuffed Gamut Checkpoint. ・・・ Bolt gun shenanigans with @patriot_utah tomorrow running the @anarchyoutdoors tikka in 6.5 creed topped with a @vortexoptics razor gen 2 and all the gear in my favorite @vertx_official bag . . . . . . . . . .

This was only the beginning...A wound that perhaps will never close as long as Americans who witnessed the towers collapse are still taking breaths. Every year we memorialize the pain and suffering brought about that day. Eighteen times now we have done so because it was not to be our end.

@wexgunworks demonstrates their style with a Dead Letter Sling and a Sig Rattler.

If you have MC black fever, @bigdaddyunlimited has the cure. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Available now, ONLY at @bigdaddyunlimited the Gamut Checkpoint in MC Black. @veilsolutions

We know everyone is waiting on this Delta Stretch restock, well we have big news. delta 2.0 are inbound and will be on shelves soon. Meanwhile watch @blackirongunner get busy with his truck gun.

@veilsolutions ・・・ Stacking skill sets - When working drills, we start off working one single part of the drill or skill set we aim to improve. As proficiency increases, we shift to something that compliments it, or stack something else immediately on top of it, thus increasing the difficulty. Taking the Bill Drill for example, once we are able to make the “standard” we set for ourselves, under 2 seconds is a good bar, we then add something else to it. This could be something as simple as clothing, or maybe distance. Here I’be added movement to the drill as well as shot it with a G48, which should be a hair more difficult to do with than a G19. So I’m about a split slower with the movement and I dropped a round outside the A. I identify my issues, and I go back a rework to correct them. Maybe it’s my first step, maybe it’s my presentation on the move, maybe it’s shooting on the move. Whatever it is, break it down and isolate it. Running this drill 100 times might make you better, but it will take much much longer compared to isolating movements, and skills. This is why drills matter. Not everything has to be a gunfight or scenario. - - @vertx_official @bigdaddyunlimited - -

The Commuter 2.0. Life is all about options. Whether carrying a backup handgun or a larger folding weapon system. We’ve made all the necessary changes to keep up with modern tactical application trends. 📸: @heybminus

The world is a crazy place where evil looks for opportunity. Gather your tools, be mentally and physically capable to carry out the task at hand. 📸: @garritross

▪️S O L U T I O N S▪️ @spectrain_nc @spectrain_actual . . Whether it’s LE Sniper or working a desk job, @vertx_official has got me covered. Discrete and tough solutions for you everyday grind or operational needs. Doesn’t matter if your cargo is a laptop and office supplies or overwatch weapon systems, keep it protected and transport without compromising the mission. . . Our 15% sale on any and all training will be over soon, make sure you sign up! Upcoming Open Enrollment SpecTrain Classes - August 24th Core Rifle @tacticalfarm - September 7th Critical Applications -Rifle @tacticalfarm - September 21st Critical Applications Pistol @tacticalfarm . . .

R E A D Y❌P A C K @clarkshooter

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