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Venus the Two Face Cat

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. Follow @venusandfamily to see my 3 cat siblings & Shiba Inu dog sis!

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Neck flexibility is vital when grooming under the chin! 😹

I think best “outside the box”, while inside the box! 📦 😹

Meet the family! 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐕In order by appearance: Mom & @venustwofacecat , Tater Tot @totally_tater , Halo @halotheblindshiba , Ginger @orangetabbyginger , & Roo @roothekangaroocat ! We also have a one stop page featuring all of us which is @venusandfamily . All of these pages (including TikTok) were created with love for you due to multiple requests. We appreciate your support and love our community! 😺😽💗🐾 🎵 “My House” by Flo Rida @official_flo

Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper? 💤

With 5 pets in the house we are happy Mom chose pet-friendly flooring that can keep up with our busy lifestyle. @stainmaster PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring is a purrfect for match for our 20 paws in more ways than one. 🐾 Swipe through all 5 pics of us & tell us which is your favorite. 😺🐕🐾

Which do you think is my better side? 🖤 or 🧡

Sundays are for __________! 😺

Found this back in the archives... The only kind of babies I’ll ever have (spayandneuter)! This was back in 2013 when GUND @gottagettagund made an official plush of me. Here’s the back story which I don’t think I ever posted: Grumpy Cat’s plush came out on the same launch (also by GUND). Because she was trending/setting records of fame like no other (throwing everyone in the shadows as the queen of cat fame), and stores couldn’t keep stock of her plush due to demand, production on my plush was stopped within a year due to lack of sales. Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat @realgrumpycat would continue to dominate the internet cat meme world breaking records, still to this day. She’s a legend and though her days on earth are gone, her legacy will never die! Long live The Queen of memes in our hearts!❤️ If you have one of these plush Venus kitties from GUND, you have a collectible. There are less than 1500 in existence. 😺😺

Is my adopted brother @roothekangaroocat going up the stairs or down? (I’ll post the answer in stories later tonight). Also, did you know he only uses 3 legs? He has Radial Hypoplasia like my other adopted brother @totally_tater but Roo cannot put weight on that leg. He can use it to play with toys and pull (like his nails on a scratching post) but it’s not weight bearing. Learn more about my other brothers and sisters and how we are different in our own way at @venusandfamily 😺. Happy Caturday everyone! 😽

This is from 2014. Happy Friday!! 😺😺

? “New” pet portrait mode on Apple iPhone 11??? 🤔 Here’s a from early August (see date on screenshot) before the new Iphone 11 was released. The phone is being marketed by some as having a “pet portrait mode” feature able to recognize pet faces. This has always been my experience when using portrait mode with all our pets. I’ve been using portrait mode since it came out on the 7Plus. I had the 8Plus before my current XS Max. Is it just that I’ve gotten savvy with the feature or is there a significant change in portrait mode? I’m not hating, I’m genuinely curious because I was considering upgrading as I always do when the camera upgrade justifies the investment since I use my phone camera so much with our pet accounts. Note this photo has both another cat and a human in it as well but focused on Venus. What are your thoughts?

- Me when I overheard my human brother say that he was looking for something really interesting to bring to school for show and tell. 😺

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