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🇲🇾. /Designer/Artist/Fanartist/Bach degree graduate /Sometimes intellectual DA:Vek111 Twitter:VEK_ED

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🎂🏰Happy birthday homie

(SWIPE) 🇲🇾Malaysian fan operator concept.Its a personal idea and heavily based on my cultural references.I've been planning this for a long time tho.Feel free to check his lore,ability and loadout.

Kick boxer Ash👊.Something I got inspired by the concept art that featured Ash and Harry in the upcoming operator background stories.

A very personal idea as a Malaysian myself.Back in the days ,i enjoyed Cendol much during my early teens.,Now they are the backpackers (Zo and Ela) hotspots and todays generation of Youths drink Bubble teas.

Ash&Mira :Rivalry in the launderette


Tribute to the best girl in all of Siege.Happy birthday my precious angels🍰❤💪

Late 19th century/Wild west outfits prt. 3.One dude,3 babes.

(SWIPE) Siege Ball Run.R6 showdown meets JJBA Steel Ball Run.That idea came out when the showdown event was released last week and that reference Maverick was doing is based on Gyro zeppeli's comedic lines.

Late 19th century/Wild west outfits Prt.2

Fashion in the late 19th century of the Wild west.

Just collected them from the post office.I'm VERY 😃😃surprised when i found my precious Golden Angel and the Scottish Sledgeman have finally arrived to find me after a long journey.Thank you @rainbow6game_us and @ruvvet for giving me an opportunity to participate the Phantom Sight fanart grand opening last month.Its my pleasure to partake this awesome opportunity.

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