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Phoenix Santos

Visual Artist/Designer/Storyteller/Showrunner. MMA newbie training under @tennesonmma @ Jackson Wink. 🇵🇷🇪🇨 Manifestor.

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Had a few tragedies this year and I ended up getting into a depression losing my mother and grandmother within 4 months takes a mental toll. But I am now ready to dig deep and push forward. Gained some weight but now focusing on getting down to 180-175 pounds by Christmas. (Currently around 227 pounds) my max weight was 275 pounds so come christmas my gift to self will be the ability to say... I've lost 100 pounds. 😊🙌❤🌌 Took some "before shots" without sucking in my gut lol will spare you those for now haha. Excited about loving myself and doing whats best for me.      

I smile when I see folks post photos of themselves. You never know how much it took them to be confident. Its a beautiful thing. We don't always know what's going on within them. It's nice to see people love themselves and feel confident cause I know how easy it is to feel unattractive and not feel desired. Sometimes we have to pull back and imagine the hardships we all face. So when people celebrate their life, a beautiful dish they prepared, a movie they loved, a funny meme... I always do my best to appreciate that because theres a lot of negative crap being pushed out there... so I appreciate the positive things folks post. Know it's appreciated! Hope everyones having a great weekend. 😊

Hope everyones having a great weekend. 🤓

Movie night 👻 love having a projector in my apartment 🤓😁

It's because of the dark times that my light shines brighter today.

4 styles: portrait, digital sculpture/3D print, childrens book, abstract.

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