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Journalist to be. Writing is my passionion 📝 I can't keep calm cox am Taurus babe ♉ FTW❕ Likee Id: @UrubaTazeen

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Are you a book lover or not? If yes, then you must’ve known with names of these books😉 P.s: picture 4 will show you how much messy I am😅

Tujhe dhundti hain ankhain aj bhi har dagar, tu hai nahi magar, teri yadon ki ghutan aj bhi seenay may hai dafan💔

Yaaro Ki Yaari Dosti hamari

She’s one of those who annoys me the most, I don’t make best friends because the word best friend gives me nightmares but yes, I can count on some of my friends as a bestie and she’s one of them. We fight a lot we bitch about each other too but when I need her she’s always available for me and when she needs me I am always available for her so that’s friendship. I know we all have some kind of grudges against our friends because we’ve different taste difference in our thoughts,ideas etc but it doesn’t matter what matter is you give support to your friends in their bad times and be happy in their good times❤️ Tag your best friend or good friend whom you count as a support system💖 mine support systems are @imammmad @wardaagha @aberilyas @_syeda_abeer.hussain @abbikarachii @mohummed_omer @rifzafaheemsiddiqui @nubair_world @arham_mushtaq @samosiiii Follow me at @likee_official_pakistan my Likee Id: @urubatazeen


My favourite beauty product is SNAPCHAT filter. 😜 Tell me your favourite beauty products? 🌚

Karachi, Pakistan

So here’s my Eid ul Adha’s outfit picture 🌚 I am very bad at taking pictures on Eid days because I’ve so many work to do, guests, gatherings etc and I personally love it. I hope you guys also enjoyed your Eid and Eid holidays too😁❤️

So here is my Eid Ul Adha outfit ❤️ Eid days are always busy days for me so I always got late to post videos and pictures on Eid days toh mauf karden🙈 I feel Eid vibes or not but I try to celebrate it or show my happiness kyunke Allah ne hamay khushi dekhna naseeb kiya yahe bohat hai, toh khush rehna seekhen vibes aayen yah nahi🙂🙏🏻❤️ @likee_official_pakistan @likee_official_global

Karachi, Pakistan

Every single friend of mine knows that I hate (Yes, it’s a very strong word) those who throw garbage on streets and I always try not to throw garbage on streets balke agar koi dost phenke toh bohat dant’ti hoon aur hosakay toh kachra utha leti ‘Adat hai’ ☺️ Sometimes people get irritate because of my this habit but I’ll do it and will teach my children too to not to throw garbage on streets 🙂 Keep your motherland clean🙏🏻🇵🇰❤️ Follow me at: @likee_official_pakistan @urubatazeen is my id.

Concept: Self Written Ft. Arhum Ahmed Shah 🎥: AbeerIlyas Poetry: Arham Mushtaq.

Sheher ki ladki😎 This song is one of those songs which always be in my favorite songs list, it’s new version is so cool and now also add on in the list of my favorites😁❤️

Department of Mass Communication Ku

TRENDY is the last stage before TACKY. -Karl Lagerfeld What an amazing quote I just read somewhere and it is according to the situation of todays world and it’s trends, first people make trends and everybody starts following it and when it becomes trendy then some people gang up against those trends to show that how tacky that trend is? Here I want to share something, if you follow tends you’re a trend follower or may be a trend setter but waitttt, the one who’s against the trend is also a trend follower or a trend setter🤗

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