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Washroom Since we don't see too many stylized game rez environments, I wanted to take a stab at creating a quaint little cg animation inspired style washroom based off a concept by Frits Olsen. This was also a great learning project. I had a chance to further my skills in Substance Designer as well as learn Substance Painter. Also to get familiar with level sequencer to create fly-thru in unreal and practice lighting. Assets are created with current gen specs for poly count and texel density. PBR Materials, realized in real-time in Unreal. You can see assets, textures and breakdowns on my page! Credit: Jason Cheng (ArtStation)

Ray tracing sees many new optimizations and stability improvements in Unreal Engine 4.23, including support for new geometry and material types.

Bee Simulator tutorial I'd like to present you a few screens from the Bee Simulator tutorial ( . This is a magical land where players can learn how to fly and collect pollen smiley My main role there was to create lighting and shading. I hope you like it Credit: Aleksandra Sobas (ArtStation)

Industrial Furniture Collection 2 Low polygon model for Archviz Credit: David Ryan (ArtStation)

Camping in a Grove UE4 Credit: Tyler Smith (ArtStation)

Unreal Engine 4.23 is now available for download. Check out all the new features and additions in the release notes.

Caledfwlch Temple My submission for The Legend of King Arthur Game Environment Challenge 2019. The environment was made in Unreal Engine. Assets created using Zbrush and Maya. Textures created with Substance Painter and Substance Designer. Marmoset was used to render the assets in the callout sheet. ------------------------ Fog Cards & God Ray: sourced from Unreal 4 example scene Original design by Gabriel Barbabianca ( Music: ‘Gregorian Chant’ by Kevin MacLeod Credit: Steven Grech (ArtStation)

Safaga - Berlin Schöneweide Hello dear artists This enviroment is set in 1992 in the mountain area near Safaga - East Egypt desert. The player lost track of his 2 friends who tried to unveil a myth of a German Trainstation in the East Egypt Desert. The main shot is the first time the player sees the Trainstation. It was a great learning experience working on this peace. Made so many mistakes but I learned from them Was a weird experience going to the Berlin Schöneweide Trainstation and measuring it and taking reference pictures while people kept asking me what I am doing there Special thanks to all the people giving me feedback: Malte Decker Marc Meyer Dinusty Empire Discord my family Also special thanks to Susanne Brandhorst, Thomas Bremer, Jan Berger Patrick Glady´s awesome Tutorial Credit: Robert Schröer (ArtStation)

Slum Sunset At sunset in the slum, the whole street was covered by dusk, and a kitten was shining on the roof. Reference to the original 2D painting from Jason scheier's work and add some changes. Credit: Au Au (ArtStation)

Ural 4320 A personal piece of a Ural 4320 logging truck rendered in UE4, plus some standalone renders of the truck in Marmoset Toolbag 3 All content was created by myself. Credit: Adam Jarvis (ArtStation)

Here are some screenshots of the work I did on the game Quantum Replica. I worked on modeling, texturing, set dressing and the engine integration of several assets that were used to build each level. I also worked on some of the FX, cinematics and videos of the same project. Credit: Tata GW (ArtStation)

Evermotion 37-10 to RT Unreal Engine 4 Credit: Vladimir Stashkevich (ArtStation)

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