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Digital Craftsman. Lettering & More. Brooklyn. @ZbyHp Ambassador

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Villa Biondelli Wine & Suites - Franciacorta Wine Resort

Lovely days at @biondellifranciacorta , thanks Iosca and Francesca Biondelli for having us in your lovely new home/hotel, cheers to the future and the finest bubbles in Italy🥂. @dongagliano 😎❤️

I’m really loving adding movement to , So I thought I would post some about the last experiment I did. I came across the amazing plugin for , that so generously @Pasha_Ho uploaded on his Youtube channel (this is a free python plugin you can download online for free FYI). Then took the word and make a with it, to do that I used . Having a good CPU is key for simulations, it’s all about the . As opposed for rendering speed with or is all about the GPU. My has an intel i9 Core, which makes my machine pretty fast to perform these simulations in real time. Here are some time-lapse videos to check it out for yourself. I also worked with @HdrLightstudio for lighting, and @redshift3d for rendering. So much to learn, every project is a new headache tbh, but also an obsessive addiction. Having the right setup will not do the work for you, but can definitely remove a big part of the struggle on your creative process if you have the right tools. I’m also attaching a diagram of my setup in case you’re interested in seeing what components I’m using!

Big moves! Thanks @fred.arenas for your magic keyframe fingers! 😍 learned a bunch on this one.

New York, New York

Whats your biggest dream?

New York, New York

Another day, another truth. - Truth Report by Pablo Lozano @_pablo_lozano_ Pablo Lozano is an animator and designer hailing from the sunny lands of Madrid. After graduating from Hyper Island in Stockholm he moved to London, where he spent three years working full time at Golden Wolf before jumping into the freelance workforce and relocating to Toronto, where he’s been working and collaborating with amazing clients, studios and artists all around the globe. Specialized in 2D animation, but having played roles that run the gamut of production, Pablo’s work has evolved into a mix of fluid animation with a strong focus in illustration and graphic design. Created by Pablo Lozano @_pablo_lozano_ Concept and Art Direction @trochut Sound by

New York, New York

Shane @grif really crushed this one. The @t.r.u.t.h.a.f keeps growing. - Wrestling for the Truth by Shane Griffin @grif - Some words by Shane: - In a world of fake news, alternative facts, and the Joe Rogan podcast, we find ourselves ‘Wrestling with the Truth’ on a daily basis. Hundreds of voices, both inside our head, and out, telling us what to think, how to feel, and what to say. We question our instincts, second guess our feelings, and become increasingly susceptible to manipulation. Todays media & television continues to manipulate the audience until we forget to question it’s fidelity, accepting a dramatized reality as our new truth. Our minds, visualized here by a wrestling ring, are exhausted from the internal struggles of our thoughts, acted out here by our wrestlers. Who will win, and at what cost? – Created by @grif Lettering by @trochut Sound by

Many times I find my days divided between commissions and personal work, and as an image maker in search of exciting styles is a mandatory need for me and the market I work for. I’m truly happy to have finally landed in the world of NVIDIA graphics cards in my @ZbyHp desktop as a reliable spaceship 🚀. GPU render has transformed my way of working completely, I feel like someone just turned the lights on my dark view port window in C4D. I’ve also been using HDR Light Studio @hdrlightstudio which has helped me a ton lighting sets, being able to control light in an immediate and effortless way. I love to see in real time every decision I make, being able to see 10 different finished results in just in seconds. I still remember the days of digital airbrushing in Photoshop, working on every layer, making every image manually and every decision based on the best my mind and hands could handle... I sometimes still do that and it works for certain looks, but I surely don’t miss being limited to one way of doing things. 🎵 Journey Home - Patrick Cowley

Safe travels, Maestro. Carlos Cruz Diez (Caracas 1923 - Paris 2019) Your work will never be forgotten and surely will keep inspiring so many generations to come. 💛💙❤️

Toormix. Design Agency

exhibition still on till the 7th of August. Don’t miss it!

New York, New York

Mi curso online ya esta desde hoy disponible en @domestika! Para este curso he tratado de hacer un curso hecho de varios micro-exercicios, la idea es poder enseñar varias técnicas paso a paso que os pueden ayudar tanto individualmente como combinadas. Link en la bio para ver el trailer. 50% de descuento durante las siguientes dos semanas! Espero que lo disfruteis! ❤️

New York, New York

So the @flamingoglasses friends are going to giveaway three of these shades!! This is easy: 1. Follow @flamingoglasses 2. Tag your friends in this post. The winners will be announced on monday, you have till sunday at midnight EST time to comment! Note: the winners will be selected from the instagram post, not facebook. Good luck!!!

New York, New York

Heyo ! These @flamingoglasses just came by the mail and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I think I should do a , what do you think? Stay tunned! Atracted by the idea of generating movement within and , this collabortaion with Flamingo uses Opart and Kinetic art techniques bringing them into a third dimension of volume and psychedelia.

Toormix. Design Agency

Over the last month working with @hp and @hpgraphicarts creating these 2 pieces for @espaitactel has been very exciting experience, looking forward to create more with these amazing tools. If you’re in Barcelona don’t miss the exhibit of among @antoineetmanuel @jiri_oplatek @anthonyburrill @eikekoenig @mathieu_mercier_studio @therodina @pepasalazar @xpatrickthomas, curated by @espaitactel and @toormix. Latex ink printed on Dibond, 180cmx45cm, miniserie of 5. DM for prices.

BCN! Tomorrow, demà, mañana! at 7pm at c/ Ca l’Alegre de Dalt 55. So excited to be part of this group show among this amazing list of @antoineetmanuel, @jiri_oplatek, @anthonyburrill, @eikekoenig, @matheiu_mercier_studio, @therodina, @pepasalazar, @xpatrickthomas By @toormix and @espaitactel Big shoutout to @hp_graphic_arts and @hp for their killer latex ink flat-bed printers. 🙌❤️

New York, New York

@creativereview Annual 2019, created with , a technology that allows you to print as many designs as copies you’re going to print. Hp Mosaic uses an algorithm to generate variations from your own design. I guess there are good algorithms out there too! Thanks HP and Creative Review, Paul Penson and all involved in this project. So much fun. You can learn more about it in the link in bio.

New York, New York

From few weeks back in CDMX, unsuccessfully trying to find the best letter pose. Shooting was a blast tho! looking forward to see this class for @domestika online! Thanks team! @shovelfloor @ohmatsumoto @chrisviba @elbarbon

Puppet Show by @leonstudiotv Go to to see the whole project and enjoy the sound experience created by Website by @rogerp @t.r.u.t.h.a.f

Getting ready to be back in Madrid for the T-Cross Creativity Fest @vw_es. With such good company @sixnfive @conradroset @mariscaloficial @monstruoespagueti @arnaupi and many more. Thanks VW and @lateral_thinking_ for the invite. See you on the 8th of June, Madrid!

New York, New York

Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tubemen by @jordipagespons and @theberd Go to for the full sound epxerience, sound by website @rogerp

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