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Tone It Up! Your Fitness App, Nutrition Plan & Community to help you live your most confident life 💛 . 👇 work out in your app! 🏋️‍♀️💪

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Manhattan Beach, California

fall is in the air 🍁✨ we’re working on something exciting for you girls today 💛 something is coming...keep an eye on your inbox 👀

“It’s my two-year anniversary - two years ago I finished my first @toneitup series & I wanted to take a minute & remember where I started. ❤️ I learned it’s never too late to change your lifestyle, your mindset, & your health (or your body!) I also learned tools that make it easier to stay on track - or get back on track - when work, stress, vacations, & life happens. For instance, meal prep is a lifesaver, & if you eat veggies for a week you will start to crave them vs processed junk. I also learned that motivation comes in many forms. For me, the positive vibes, love, & support from this is what makes me stronger. Also seeing progress pictures motivates me, which is why I posting these. Some of these before pictures are pretty’s easy to fall off track but luckily if you have those tools, & some motivation, it’s easy to find your way back.” girrrllll we are SO proud of you & your fitness journey with Tone It Up!! join @mindyleetiu & thousands of girls in your for inspiring workouts that will change your LIFE ✨

girls!! Karena and I are about to film a NEW rosé with K&K in the Studio...ask us anything below 👇🤪💖

Tone It Up!

“Good things are on the way for you 💛💛 ” ~ love this from @studiotoneitupchyna

Manhattan Beach, California

MONDAY let’s get ittt 💪 Karena and I are here to give you a lil’ extra motivation as we head into the week! ⚡️ you’re beautiful you’re strong you’re capable you’re powerful believe in yourself, be there for yourself, show up for yourself, & make the small decisions of today inspire your growth & push you to be the best version of yourself possible ✨✨✨ you’ve got this & we believe in you as your trainers, friends, & your biggest cheerleaders 😍 xxo K&K

@alexa__tiu came to visit me in Manhattan Beach & we thought it would be fun to film a lil’ Q&A with this boss who has been such an integral part of this community! she’s giving you girls advice for starting out, a sneak peek at her go-to TIU workout moves (side note: have you seen her strong abs?!), getting your family involved, & even her funniest 😜 check it out 🎥

what dreams are made of ✨ whatcha makin’ for the week?! i’m thinkin’ some protein overnight oats, tray bake dinners with allll the spices, lean, clean ’n green salads for lunch, and maybe a salmon dinner...@hiimskunk get excited 🤪🐼  📸: @mindyleetiu

Manhattan Beach, California

pleaseee make it tacos 🌮 😜🤗

Manhattan Beach, California

🎙 that Saturday lineup 😍🏉✨ who’s joining us for a tailgate? which team are you?! I think Kat and I are team Blueberry Cheesecake…what’s new 💁‍♀️😜

Los Angeles, California

@shipt ittt rosé and all 🍾🤪✨ how we feel about bubbly on our doorstep, a day with girlfriends, & September sunshiiine 💖 tell us what you’re up to this weekend 👇

Los Angeles, California

imagine host a yoga meetup with your TIU and order post-namaslay champagne & it arrives to your doorstep before the end of the workout...something big is coming! 🥂🤗 can’t waittt @shipt 🛍

three simple steps to my morning pick-me-up using your @toneitup matcha protein ~ get ready for energy without the crash & an immunity boost with this tasty treat! 💚✨

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