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Tone It Up! Your Fitness App, Nutrition Plan & Community to help you live your most confident life 💛 . 👇 work out in your app! 🏋️‍♀️💪

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Manhattan Beach, California

pleaseee make it tacos 🌮 😜🤗

Manhattan Beach, California

🎙 that Saturday lineup 😍🏉✨ who’s joining us for a tailgate? which team are you?! I think Kat and I are team Blueberry Cheesecake…what’s new 💁‍♀️😜

Los Angeles, California

@shipt ittt rosé and all 🍾🤪✨ how we feel about bubbly on our doorstep, a day with girlfriends, & September sunshiiine 💖 tell us what you’re up to this weekend 👇

Los Angeles, California

imagine host a yoga meetup with your TIU babes and order post-namaslay champagne & it arrives to your doorstep before the end of the workout...something big is coming! 🥂🤗 can’t waittt @shipt 🛍

three simple steps to my morning pick-me-up using your @toneitup matcha protein ~ get ready for energy without the crash & an immunity boost with this tasty treat! 💚✨

Tone It Up!

so today I challenged myself to take my first ever LIVE kickboxing class with @studiotoneitupchyna in the Tone It Up App! 👊 It is something I’ve always thought about but never took the leap! I was nervous & excited going into it and now I’m walking out of the Studio feelin’ fearless, confident, powerful, & on top of the 🌎 and I hope you feel that too 💪 when’s the last time you tried something for the first time?! thank you Chyna & @katrinaascott for cheering me on!! ⚡️ xx @KarenaDawn

we are firm believers it can be all year round! 🔥 also… @michelleolson1 can you please teach us how to smize? 😏

Manhattan Beach, California

asking you all kinds of good stuff on our story today!! 🤗 check it out & tell us your thoughts 💖

Tone It Up!

mark your calendar bc your Studio Tone It Up trainers Tori & Stef are comin’ at ya LIVE today at 4:30p PST for Slide + Sculpt 🔥😍 tag your belowww…you babes won’t wanna miss this!!! See you in the live chat 😜 xx

Manhattan Beach, California

same 🤪 plus ____________ 👇

Seattle, Washington

“It’s been a hot summer here in Seattle so I’ve been making smoothies almost every morning. A balanced smoothie fuels me & keeps me satisfied until lunchtime. . This beautiful bowl is made with @ToneItUp vanilla protein powder. I love that it’s plant based, has 15g of protein per serving, no weird ingredients, & did I mention it tastes delicious?! And I love that I can pick some up @target whenever I need to restock 🎯 . Make it: 1/4 cup blueberries + 1/4 cup cauliflower + 1 tablespoon nut butter + 1 date + 1 cup milk + 1 cup of ice + 1 scoop of @ToneItUp vanilla plant-based protein. Blend until smooth & top with fresh berries + coconut or enjoy as is!” . here for it @realandvibrant 😍making this asap…who’s with us?!

“The moment you let go of fear & start believing in yourself is when the magic happens. So often we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we’re not smart enough or what we want is out of our reach. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ These are all obstacles put in our way to show ourselves what we are capable of overcoming. As soon as we understand that these obstacles are meant to keep us stuck in our old ways is when you prove to yourself that you have the strength to push harder & fight for what you have always wanted.⁣ @toneitup gave me the confidence I needed to let go of fear & become the woman I was always supposed to be.⁣ ⁣ So tell yourself that you are stronger than those voices in your head; the ones telling you that you can’t & you won’t. Show yourself how strong you really are & fight for yourself. Fight to make yourself the best version of you that you’ve ever imagined because that girl is in you just waiting to show the world who she really is 💗”⁣⁣ ⁣⁣girllll this message motivated me more than ever to hop outta bed & crush my morning workout 🙌 thank u babe!! join @saraahtonesitup & this strong this week for confidence boosting workouts in your Tone It Up app 👉

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