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Mike Bond Machinist | Designer | Lazano | Knife Guy Email Profile pic by Joey Feldman!

96-1345 Waihona St Pearl City, Hawaii

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Twist Pele torches will be available tomorrow on Charles FB and IG page. Please check out his account if interested. Pele is a collab with @cwf_lights and @ti2design

Ti2 Design

Re-Stock on Ti2 wallets is available on the Site. De-Clutter and minimize your carry! Front pocket carry has never been easier.

@urbanedcsupply has Super Shorty TechLiners in stock! Reposted from @urbanedcsupply (@get_regrann) - Custom crafted in Hawaii, the Techliner Super Shorty is an ultra-compact EDC writer that features a one-of-a-kind magnetic cap and the impeccable craftsmanship from Mike Bond of Ti2 Designs. What are you writing with today?⁠ ⁠

Ti2 Design

Please comment if your attending and what you'd like to see us bring to our first CCKS. I'll get in Friday night and am looking forward to an awesome show! @california_custom_knife_show

Ti2 Design

Sentinel September sale starts now! All Sentinels are 25% off for the entire month of September. Sentinels are made from Titanium and offer safe, water proof storage for small critical items.

Ti2 Design

New Etched HALO-Biners listed on the site. Available in "Flora" and "Maori" designs with a bunch of different color-ways. As always, HALO is a collab with @voxnaes and @ti2design

Just listed some AMERICA edition Para-Biner PB-4s on the site. Available in Standard or Metric. Quantities are limited. Thanks for looking.

Some great looking full Twist DLC Pele available at the @cwf_lights IG and Charles Wiggins Custom flashlight FB page. Pele is a collab with @cwf_lights and @ti2design

Ti2 Design

Red metal Pele Twist Torches. We used a high resolution scan of modeled forced patina copper and lasered that on our titanium clips to match the patina'd bodies. Pele is a collab with @cwf_lights and @ti2design

Brass super shorty TechLiners available at @urbanedcsupply Credit to from @urbanedcsupply (@get_regrann) - Warning: High fidget factor. The ultra-compact Techliner Super Shorty features a magnetically retained cap with 3 rare earth magnets for a nice, solid snap. Need we say more?⁠ ⁠

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