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➖ marketing director @populardemand + @zzznatural ➖ hbic @eyelusteyewear 🇺🇸🇹🇼

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Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas

woke up in paradise on my best birthday yet 🥺🌴💘 last last 24 hrs: got upgraded to first class on @alaskaair, arrived to my first time in costa rica, took an intense off road mission to the hotel, arrived at our beautiful resort (sean had a beautiful exotic bouquet waiting in our room, i died), our villa has its own pool in the balcony, saw all kinds of wildlife, 5 mosquitos came to say happy bday too, and ate a tico breakfast! • thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, i’m one year closer to senior discounts WOO! *ric flair voice* 🤘🏼⚡️

standing on a pile of rocks in a random aisle at an event in heels no less, it’s nothing. 😂 • 。📸: @kionachresean 。dress: @fashionnova

The Ramble Hotel

when you want your boo to take a cute pic but you’re also impatient af 😂 • (P.S. denver vlog up now, link in bio. woo!) 。dress: @fashionnova (code - ‘thundercup’) 。📸: @fs_jets_jackson

Birds & Bees

when you take pics outside of someone else’s house and they come out 😳 (lol jk, this is outside of @birdsandbeesla) • 。2pc/shoes: @fashionnova 。📸: @conniecyang

HATCH Yakitori + Bar

thank you @hatchyakitori + @eatswithanthony for having me and @foodtourguide for this beautiful EXTRA AF DINNER. i highly recommend if you want to have some nice cocktails/bites over a good convo • my fav dish (last slide) was the beef tongue gyoza. that’s right, lengua dumplings. they were FIRE. if i didn’t already take my lashes off, i might be inclined to go get some of that to-go righhh naooo 🤤🍢🥟

me as a wedding guest: ✔️naps the entire 1.5 hour uber ride there ✔️cries from seeing the beautiful bride coming down the aisle ✔️upholds ~*satin*~ season ✔️has arm candy in tow (even though i’m the +1) ✔️drinks all the flowing wine ( the mr. and mrs. get their money’s worth) ✔️ makes all the ppl i just met meet the other ppl i had also just met congrats to the lovely newlyweds R&D 🥳💖 dress: @nadinemerabi

Melrose Place

my obsession with mom jeans going SKRONG 😂 good times at @xuxu’s brunch yesterday, thank you @tocamaderala for having us 💕 • 。jeans: @fashionnova 。📸: @kionachresean

Grand Hyatt Denver Downtown

no one told me the food in denver is this good — so many fire spots. also, my outfits have all been dead giveaways i’m a turrrrrist 😂 • 。📸: @fs_jets_jackson 。outfit: @fashionnova

Puente Hills Mall

me when i first sit down vs 5 min later when i’m dying to eat 😂 thanks @haidilaohotpotus @eatswithanthony for the most fun i’ve had a food media event like, EVER lmaooo • check out their new rowland heights location! no bias, i f’n love hotpot and the service and attention to detail is amazing (they provide hair ties for anyone trying to keep their hair out of their dior perfume and full packs of gum). hands down my fav hotpot place in the US! 🍲💕

woo hawaii vlog out now, link in bio! 🥰🌴• 。full vlog edited by @mikeleshotit 。soo...where to next? drop travel locations below (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

Hollywood Hills

practically ready for motherhood from wearing mom jeans so much (MY FAV) 😂 • 。jeans: @fashionnova 。📸: @kionachresean

Milkcow Los Angeles

WATERMELON THUNDAE 🍉⚡️• finally got to try @milkcow_la’s watermelon softserve sandwich and it was so goot 🤤 thank you @eatswithanthony for having us! 。top: @hmebdy 。jeans: @fashionnova 。glasses: @eyelusteyewear 。📸: @kionachresean

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