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When you need to hire someone — a landscaper, a DJ, anyone — Thumbtack finds them for you for free.

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Whoever said DIY gardening helps you relax didn’t have wielding a chainsaw in mind. We’ve got pros for all your chainsaw needs.

Watching the clouds go by feels so much better when the yardwork isn’t hanging over your head. We can help with that. 🎨: @t_rez @reinasaur

We can’t believe it’s August, either. But there’s still time for one last big home project. Like a treehouse where your kids can escape (or you can escape from your kids). 🎨: @t_rez @reinasaur

“My first handyman job was a friend of my godparents. She gave me a list and everything she asked for was in my wheelhouse. I didn’t have to outsource anything or have to ask ‘How’s this done?’ It felt like, ‘This is where I should be. This is the lane I should be driving in.’ I was ecstatic.” Lance J., handyman, Handy Lance Services

“Partly cloudy” should describe the weather, not your pool water. Find a pool pro on Thumbtack. 🎨: @t_rez @reinasaur

Before summer ends, let yourself lie around in the sun. But first, clean up the yard so you can actually enjoy it. 🎨: @t_rez @reinasaur

You’ve got the makings of a great staycation in your backyard. There’s just a couple things you need to do first. We’ve got the pros you need. 🎨: @t_rez @reinasaur

Fireworks. Freedom. Forget the to-do list and just enjoy yourself. Happy 💥

The best way to celebrate tomorrow? Pie eating contest, clearly. Hire a pastry chef to make it happen 🥧

Sunshine in the day, sparklers in the night. Ah, summer.

Your walls are a blank canvas. But you failed art class. Hire an interior painter on Thumbtack.

Book the look. Hire hair and makeup artists for brides, bridesmaids, moms and more.

Handling a power drill is just too much pressure. Hire a pro.

Dear Bride. Have you considered a food truck?

Marie Kondo doesn't expect you to KonMari by youself. Hire the pro.

Offering to host your sister's bridal shower sounded fun. Until she invited 40 guests. Hire the caterer, florist and everyone else on Thumbtack.

Celebrate the grad. Sweet treats headed your way. Book the baker.

Avoid side comments from your mother-in-law. Housecleaners available.

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