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September 12 - There are two birthdays to celebrate today. First is Boone, happy birthday! I was amazed to find that sweater, it matches him just about perfectly!! . . . . .

Apple tart and ice cream? Counts as breakfast since I'm having it with coffee 😜

September 7 - We have two birthdays to celebrate again today. First is Tucker, happy birthday! I've had him in my town before and he's great! . . . . .

Idk how I didnt notice sooner that the phone games I place the most ( and ) both have pretty steampunk wings featured in outfits at the same time 😻

September 6 - Happy birthday, Cesar! I will admit...I don't love this villager. He just doesn't give me much to work with for an outfit! I tried though 😊 . . . . .

Keeping these sweet bbz together πŸ₯°

Picked up a couple of these wine glasses while we were in 🍷 So cute!

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