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Kat + Ash International Wedding Photographers Twin parents We believe in the infinite wisdom of Micheal G Scott

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Emma + Tom + a load of kids who really did not care that we were taking photos. And why should they ♥️♥️


Hanging out in the vegetable patch with Jocasta + Lyle 💛 this portrait set turned out like a lesson in how to use golden hour light. So while we bobbed and weaved like characters from Dodgeball to catch rays + flare, these two chatted about their day and relaxed into a cuddle 😍

Portman sq - Home House

The downside of ever going on holiday is that The Algorithm will make you pay for your lack of screen time. So if there's ever been a time to remind you of that wonderful day seeing @suzanneneville with @missbushbridal at the ever beautiful @homehouselondon it's probably today. Algorithm do your worst, I posted late and I posted something different and I accept my fate 🤷‍♀️🤣 MUA @ctilburymakeup ♥️

We are flying today for a week of sunshine with the family, which seems to be coinciding with the best week of weather in the UK in ages 🤣 ain't that just the way!? Here's a little snap of Steph with nature on fire behind her 🔥 whilst I am not keen on the onset of winter I do love those autumnal colours ♥️

Kauri Bay Boomrock

The day before your marriage you are two artists each with their own canvas. The day after, you're collaborators- you still have your own brush but you're now creating on the same canvas. Sometimes you will work at separate ends, not knowing how your brush strokes will ever relate to theirs, and other days your arms are entwined as you make bold strokes in unison. You each bring your own unique style and flair, your own influences, your own ideas - but when you stand back at journey's end, the life you have painted into existence will be a beautiful cooperation, something unique and precious- because with any other person it could never have looked like this ♥️


J + L 💗💗 We always try and make sure our couples take a few minutes alone during their wedding day. Frequently we will sacrifice those last few minutes of portraits in favour of them having the time to wander alone lazily together, talking - those are the moments that live with you forever. And maybe our photographs either side are prompts to remind them of those unwritten, undocumented private moments we didn't see - the moments that were just for them ♥️

Kevington Hall

Do you remember when you were a kid you thought if you could just swing high enough you could either a) kick the sky, or b) go right round the top of the swing set? I'm pretty sure that's what these two were trying to do right before this beautiful moment of stillness 🤣 💗

Chateau De La Motte Husson Home of Escape to The Chateau

Homeward bound after a gorgeous day in Laval with Liz + Ella @escape_to_the_chateau - they couldn't have asked for better weather; it was the perfect breezy late summer's day. Keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peeks from their day, and in the meantime here are the effortlessly cool Amy + Mark 😍🏰

Chateau De La Motte Husson Home of Escape to The Chateau

Woooot woooot! So excited and beyond privileged to be heading back to this amazing place today. Did you know dreams come true here? 😍🏰 Liz + Ella we are coming for you!!!! Wooooo!

The videographer threw the dress and I thought, yeah- I dig it 👌 that final peachy glow of sunset on Richmond Park with Abigail + Andrew 🍑


The beautiful Iryna in @dolcegabbana + @louboutinworld 😍

Brunching with the twins this morning and had to wear coats to come out. COATS 😨😱😱 I'm so horrified about the end of summer. At least we have memories of beautiful golden sunsets to share ☀️

Chateau De La Motte Husson Home of Escape to The Chateau

Very excited to be off to France again in the next couple of days for our final Chateau wedding of the year! We feel incredibly humbled to have been invited to capture 3 weddings this year - it is such a treat to see how each couple brings their own unique flair to this special location 😍


Jocasta made a speech at their wedding about encouraging each others' individuality. It's one of the perks of the job that we get to hear words of wisdom so often that bring strength to our own marriage. Isn't it true that the more each partner chases down their own dreams, the more they explore their own interests, the stronger the unit becomes? In our partner we have an encourager, a safety net and a muse ❤️

Kevington Hall

It's easy to forget why we take sunset photographs. Not only are they beautiful, but also this is a moment where Chris + Katherine are stood at the end of a day that took years to come to, and months to plan - they stand at the close of that day, with the sun setting on it, and the whole of married life laid out before them when it rises the next day ❤️


Glowing grass. Now available at IKEA. ☺️

Chateau De La Motte Husson Home of Escape to The Chateau

They call her Mowgli affectionately - she spent the whole day running around barefoot 😍

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