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The Doctor turned two yesterday... happy belated bday, Stevie! We love living with you ❤️🎉🎂

night session at @usopen ! thank you for having us @tennischannel it’s a lotta fun 🎾 ❤️ Go @tay_taytownsend !

I will! I will! haha ❤️ Repost @ryanoconn with @bigpunam @specialnetflix

More fantastic writing from @ryanoconn about a specific, challenging, and ultimately empowering part of the @specialnetflix process. Yay Ryan! ❤️👌 Link in profile.

Enormous congrats to @specialnetflix and @bigpunam and Jessica Hecht on the Emmy nominations this morning (the Special nomination includes @ryanoconn and @annadokoza and @therealtoddspiewak and @norsophocles ). I am so happy and so proud... yay to all! ❤️🌈😘

Upward dog. Rufus. 🐶

As we approach this weekend’s Pride march that coincides with the 50th anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn, I have put a link in my bio to a beautiful piece in the N.Y. Times by Andrew Solomon about the first Pride March that does a fantastic job of reminding me of just how brave those men and women at that time were and how the tenor and tone of the parade weren’t exactly the same as they are today. I pulled a couple of my favorite quotes here, in the hopes you might read Solomon’s piece in its entirety. (photos by the late photographer, Michael Evans) * “Pride was not always so unabashedly celebratory; for a long time, it was a radical assault on mainstream values, a means to defy the belief that homosexuality was a sin, an illness and a crime, that gay people were subhuman.” * “The people gathered in these photos reflect a time when it took tremendous courage to march. They were breaking the only tested model then available for queers (the word was still an insult at that time), which was secrecy.” * The newfound pride — often a brittle veneer over profound self-doubt — was not welcomed by many of those who encountered it. A new movement for civil rights is seldom greeted with rapture, and the mainstream fought back hard. A few months after Stonewall, Time magazine wrote, “The ‘homosexual subculture’ is, without question, shallow and unstable... it deserves no encouragement, no glamorization, no rationalization, no fake status as minority martyrdom, no sophistry about simple differences in taste — and, above all, no pretense that it is anything but a pernicious sickness.” * “I can only think that if I had been 20 when that first march took place, I’d have been peering at it anxiously from a distance, a pusillanimous stance I now regret... So I come to these photographs abashed. I admire the people, braver than I, who were out for the first march. I feel such gratitude that these men and women had the wherewithal to declare themselves when doing so was still so acutely dangerous.” Have a wonderful, safe, loud, out and proud Pride, everyone ❤️🌈

Very proud to be a part of this issue and a part of this group of people... thank you, @variety and happy pride, everyone! 🌈 💗

Broccoli, ready for roasting. Thank you, @amateurgourmet for the recipe, I’ve been using it for years and it is always wonderful! (and yes, it’s actually @inagarten ‘s recipe as Adam fully admits, but Adam’s commentary that accompanies the recipe on his blog is, as always, very entertaining so... he’s who I Google when I need to remember how to do it 😘 That said OH MY GOD i love Ina 😍) 🌈

I really dig these new effects on my phone (well, they’re new to me... i don’t even want to know how long they’ve been around without my realizing...) Also, good morning from me and Dr Steven. 🌞

Tonight ❤️ @glsen ❤️ As wonderful an organization as exists... the students that spoke tonight were passionate and articulate, moving and inspiring, and proof that, with our support, they’re more than capable of shaping a brighter future for all of us. BRAVO to all the honorees!

Walking back from rehearsal of the final episode with @missmayim on April 25, 2019. photo cred @cassiedendanto ❤️

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