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The Bahamas

They need your help in the Bahamas! —— We know that hurricane Dorian has dropped out of the news cycle and may not be at the top of your mind but they still desperately need your help. —— When we visited the Bahamas we stayed at @embraceresort in the Exuma Cays and had an amazing time. —- Now, they are trying desperately to help people in need on the islands that were hardest hit by providing care packages to the ones most in need. —- How can you help? By checking out the link in our bio. ——

Grand Canyon National Park

Sunset over the Grand Canyon. —— The Grand Canyon is amazing at any time of the day. But at sunset it really takes in a special look. The way the light plays on the canyon walls and the shadows are deep, adding contrast to an already beautiful scene. ——


Light dances over the Tombstone Mountains in the Yukon, Canada. —- One of the most remote accessible places we have visited in Canada is the Yukon. Driving the deserted Dempster Highway with nothing between you and your next destination but the open road, is an incredible feeling. —- Where is the most remote place you have ever visited? —— #

Zugspitze/ Eibsee

Early morning stillness looking at Germany’s highest peak Zugspitze. —— The German Alps are definitely a thing of beauty. Pair that with the morning light and you have a scene you could look at for hours. Our trip through the southern part of Germany was definitely one of the most beautiful road trips we have taken. Discovering little mountain towns, meeting the locals and chowing down on a ton of bratwurst. What a week! —— Sony A7RIII 16mm F/11 15 seconds —— 🇩🇪


A bald eagle takes an early morning flight in Alaska. —— I remember this moment like it was yesterday. We had gotten up very early and grabbed our coffee then headed for the front deck on our ship. There was no one else around and we just looked out and took in the beautiful view in front of us. The mist was low and weaved it’s way through the trees. There was a waterfall in front of us and another to our left. As I was photographing the trees to my left I heard the screech of an eagle. As I opened my left eye I could see him circling in the trees. I refocused and snapped a few frames. This is the result. I had imagined a scene like this in my head ever since our first trip to Alaska back in 2010. Now it had become a reality. I think one of the most satisfying feelings you can get in photography is when a scene you have imagined actually comes to fruition. Luckily for us we had more than one in Alaska! —— Shot on assignment for @uncruise in Alaska. —-

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

The stunning colours of the Johns Hopkins Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. —- One of the coolest thing you get to do when you are in Alaska with @uncruise is to get up close to these amazing glaciers. Our first day was spent in GBNP and it didn’t disappoint. Sitting on our small ship and being surrounded by these incredible pieces of art carved out from Mother Nature made me appreciate even more what we have on this planet. Being able to see these glaciers up close is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. ——


A lone humpback whale puts on a a show for us in Alaska. —- If you have been following our Instagram Stories you know that we have spent the last week exploring Alaska with @uncruise. We have had some amazing wildlife experiences and also got a chance to kayak and hike in this beautiful part of the world. This particular day we were out on a skiff and saw 3 humpback whales that just kept feeding in the same area. Every 5 minutes they would dive and “Fluke” which is when their tail comes right out of the water when they dive. We have been fortunate to see humpback whales in a few locations and this was one of our best experiences. ——

Castelul Bran

Night falls on Dracula’s Castle in Romania. —- Brân Castle is often thought of as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and yet history shows that Vlad the Impaler really never set foot in the castle. Regardless of who lived there, I can see how this beautiful castle would inspire any writer. Twilight was the perfect time to grab this shot as the lights came on in the castle it seemed to breathe life into it. We loved our time in Romania and only really scratched the surface for what it has to offer. I can’t wait to return and explore even more. —- Are you a fan of the Dracula Novels? —- 🇹🇩


Sylvenstein Bridge: The road into the Alps. —- Not far from the border of Germany and Austria is this beautiful emerald lake. With the Alps as a background it is the perfect place to stop for a rest or take on one of the hiking trails or even jump on a paddle board. One of the things I loved about Bavaria is that it is full of all these beautiful hidden gems that you can just stumble upon during your road trip. —— Where is the most beautiful spot you have ever stumbled upon? —— 🇩🇪

Kananaskis Country

Light plays on the valley floor in the beautiful region of Kananaskis, Alberta. —— When we were staying at the @kananaskislodge We took a stroll early in the morning along the many walking paths of the property and this was the view we came upon. —- Banff and Jasper are beautiful places but I think that Kananaskis is, unfortunately, often overlooked. This is a shame as the views and hiking trails offer some incredible backdrops. This was the final day of our @rockymountaineer adventure and it didn’t disappoint. —- This was shot on my @huaweimobilecan P30 Pro and the detail is amazing. ——

Banff, Alberta

The mighty Mt. Rundle stands guard over the Vermilion Lakes in Banff Alberta. —— After the train part of our Rocky Mountaineer has finished we opted to add the self drive option and explore the region around Banff and Lake Louise. —- I had been to this location before but in the winter, and wanted to see it in the summer. I am always amazed at the different feel in a scene that is taken on during the different seasons. —- What destination have you visited in both summer and winter? —— Sony A7RIII 16-35 f/4 F/11 30 seconds ——-

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

When the morning light breaks through the forest in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. —— There is nothing more soothing then taking an early morning hike through the forest. The smell of the trees, the feel of the dew on the forest floor and the beauty of the light breaking through the trees as if to welcome you to a new day. —— In case you haven’t guessed over all of these years, morning is by far my favourite time of the day. —— Rising early for most of our days in Bavaria allowed us to take in some incredible scenes and enjoy them peacefully. With travel becoming so popular, taking in the beauty of places often gets marred by the presence of a ton of people. Take my advice, wake up early and it will be like you are discovering these places on your own. —— Today’s Question: Are you a morning person or a night owl? —— Shot on my Huawei P30Pro —— 🇩🇪

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